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    Wonky Wood Spirit staff

    Wow, amazing work! Tutorial vote. Well done indeed, Graeme :D
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    Some Leather-Working Questions

    Have made a few sheaths recently and have a couple of questions to help me along the learning curve. 1) Does/can artificial sinew dye ok i.e match the leather once treated? 2) I've dyed the inside of a few sheaths to match the outer but have dye rubbing off on some of the wooden handles...
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    Uncle Rays New Signature Axe

    There are legions of good old English axe heads out there that have been used for most things in their lifetime. They can be had for very little and even if you're not confident of crafting a new helve yourself then at least good hickory or ash ones can be purchased. Gransfors axes are truly...
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    Legendary Dutch Wool blankets back in stock

    Could I please register interest for the group buy if LBL decides to go for it in January? Ta, Graeme
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    Kent pattern hatchet - Gilpin ChipChop No1

    Cometh the axe man! You are very, very good at that, sir! Graeme
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    Leather Tankard(s) for sale..................

    Sorry can't afford it at the moment but can I just say they look absolutely fabulous! Wonderful design. Graeme
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    Bucksaw for Bodge

    Brilliant! Especially love the fact that the bark is left on and its all hand-carved. Must have a go. Graeme :D
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    Canvas canoe pack

    Really lovely work - well done! Graeme :D
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    Elbow adze

    Wow, that's a real beauty Jonathan! Making a niche for yourself here. Graeme
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    I have to say I like the Stetson! Got an Akubra as a present last year to add to my Tilley and Rogue hats, seems a Stetson is the next logical step and it's my Birthday soon. ;) Graeme P.S. browsed the stetson site and like that fedora.
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    mora hunter

    Hear, hear!
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    Bushie knife Shark #4

    Beautiful knife and very professionally executed! Graeme
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    newly laid hedge

    An impressive skill that will surely be lost if more people don't learn. Excellent thread. Graeme :D
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    A forged Puukko for Mrs Addo.

    Very nice, great achievement! Graeme
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    My first sheath; for the Spiderco Bushcrafter

    Cracking job John! I know what you mean about BR's sheath: spectacular like the knife! What's next? Graeme