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    Am I Mad ?...

    Ya think you are mad? I moved from the UK to Canada to be closer to 'the woods'. Of course, having some pristine temperate rainforest at the end of my yard makes me extremely happy but like Drew, I think that 'normal' is only what is 'most common' and I don't really like what is 'most common' in...
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    Disability and behavior of members

    Ah, I don't know mate. I'm not sure anything has changed so much; I didn't witness anything but last year was a different feel. I don't think I was involved at any rate - I'd be a bit down if I was and didn't realise it but then maybe anyone that was involved felt the same way? Thats why I...
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    Disability and behavior of members

    Ah! Now that, I can make sense of. I see this thread as valuable, not necessarily for the content but for what the content does to me. Like I said, it made me think but to be honest, I was already thinking and open to change so it wasn't necessarily the only factor there. This being a forum...
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    Disability and behavior of members

    Crikey! thats a bit strong, isn't it? It's a forum so yes, this is the place to discuss it. As far as I can guess, it's in the right section too. Does it warrant "this much" discussion and qualification? Well, with 6 pages of responses and some well considered views, I think it does. In fact...
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    Disability and behavior of members

    Great question, BigBeast. I've learnt a huge amount on this topic from a couple of members on here and have been fortunate enough to be able to question how I see the world. Having said that, over the last few years I have become very open to new thoughts and ways of approaching life. I don't...
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    Satmap Active 10

    I prefer the iPaq/PocketPC platform running Memory Map. The one thing that put me off the Satmap products was that even if you owned the Memory Map product already (it uses their stuff apparently) you had to pay for it again to get it in the Satmap proprietory format. I decided to wait until...
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    Zen and the art of hammocking.

    Check out the Clark North American. Came a close second when I bought the Warbonnet.
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    Anyone Up For A Drink - Lancashire

    Definately! I'd kinda like to get together, pool our resources and see if we could find a bit of woodland to use on a regular basis of have regular NW meets etc. I'm in Blackpool but would travel to a central location for a meet. Mark.
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    Disability and behavior of members

    A very interesting post, Linz. Perhaps I can add my thoughts? Over the last few years, I have become a VERY open-minded individual. I challenge myself every day to do better; be better, than I was yesterday. I actively learn from mistakes and analyse past and current behaviour to try and...
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    hennessy supershelter

    We don't need to. We have that quiet air of superiority already... :lmao:
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    Zen and the art of hammocking.

    LOL! Yeah, I think that Gailainne and I have the only two in the country at present. I certainly don't know of any others.
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    Zen and the art of hammocking.

    It's definately better to sleep on the diagonal but it gets a bit fuzzy after that. I have tried lots of hammocks but I just love my Warbonnet Blackbird. I'm 6'6" and sleep flat in it with enough room to sleep with my arms above my head. I can roll over easily and even sleep on my front but I'm...
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    Places to sea fish northwest

    Quite a bit done off Blackpool. You have the choice of boat or shore angling at most locations. It's rare to have a blank session off a boat with a good skipper. SHore fishing is hit and miss though. Try these sites:
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    What courses would you like at the Moot ?

    I picked more than 3 too. <blush> Sorry Tony...
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    Lake District wild camping - advice please

    The midgies will be your biggest problem in August by a tarn, closely followed by those pesky, biting tourists!