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    Fungi Foraging and a Fry Up in the Forest

    I am very happy with the stove. At first I used to get frustrated with it keep having to put tiny twigs in it which burn bright and quick and its a constant feeding process. The trick is to get it going and then move up to thicker mini logs these create a good ember and coal base and so a...
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    Fungi Foraging and a Fry Up in the Forest

    Mushrooms are out in abundance so I thought I would take my hammock and camp in the forest and see what edible mushrooms I could find to cook and eat. TC
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    Wild Stoves: woodgas stove review (YT vid)

    Cooking up a Northern Dish on the Wildstove while Hammocking in Cornwall TC
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    The 'Adder' My New Bushcraft Knife.

    Yes mate well chuffed. Its my only camp/bushcraft knife so it will he heavily relied upon. Adam put a lot of effort into making the custom sheath and pouch for me too. I wanted the option to carry a lighter as I do a bit of ropework and its at the ready for melting or sealing cordage ends. It...
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    The 'Adder' My New Bushcraft Knife.

    The day I decided to have a custom Bushcraft Knife made I was walking on Dartmoor and came across a huge Adder crossing the path. Thats where the idea of the Adder included in the design came about and Adam kindly did the filework for me. Oh and he got a few blisters trying different designs...
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    The 'Adder' My New Bushcraft Knife.

    Yes we had to wait for it to be stabilised in a vacuum with a special treatment. Thank you for your comment. TC
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    The 'Adder' My New Bushcraft Knife.

    Took delivery of my New Bushcraft/ Camp Duties Knife. The knife was kindly made to my personal specifications by Adam of Savage Bushcraft. He also made me a sheath with a detachable pouch that I requested. I made a short video of its journey to completion thank you TC...
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    Wild Stove’s Wood gas stove MK II

    I have been using a Wildstove for quite a while now and have made a few vids using it. It may be helpful for anyone considering buying one Mussels & Seafood Pasta with Bacon & Mushrooms Good...
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    Whats The Legal Definition Of Camping?

    I have quite often been out for a walk with my hammocking gear for excersise and to get fit carrying it. Then as it was getting dark found that I was lost and for safety reasons had to stay overnight;-) As soon as it was daylight I could see the way out and LNT.
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    Joining BushcraftUK and posting

    Hi Mods I have recently joined BushcraftUK have tried to make a couple of posts and also tried to look at my profile. All of which I seem unable to access. Could you help please? Thank you TreeCamper
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    Article: Glow-in-the-dark mushroom rediscovered after 170 years

    I was out for a Hammock hang and camp in Cornwall UK this past Monday. After having a small fire then letting it die out I went for a kip. I awoke later on and looked down from my hammock and saw a very bright area and it made me jump as I thought my fire had spread. After wiping my eyes and...
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    River Mussels & Seafood

    A bit of cooking the Italian Job last week on a Deep Woodland Stealth camp.