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  • Hi mate, just wondered where abouts in Shropshire you are.
    I am in the small village of Ditton Priors
    New to this bushcraft stuff but do a lot of fishing
    Hows it going buddyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks for that. I do like the look of it but my kit for winter is so bulky not sure Ill get it in (artic bag etc)
    The other issue is im a bugger for looking for multifunction so wanted something for long hikes......not sure how comfy the padding and straps are??
    Many thanks for the the reply.
    I got it from Tamarack, with the FM discount it came in at a bit over £100. It is a bit Military for some but I dont mind that; I put a silver rain cover on mine if I want to be incognito & it just looks like another ruck sack. There are some good reviews on YouTube
    Hi, thanks for the PM. Yes I have the Rush 72 from 5.11 Tactical in Olive & I really like it. It looks like a small pack when you see a picture of it but in fact it is quite big, as it holds 47 Litres. I wanted something bigger than the 35L Berghous I was using at the time & I liked the idea of a Clamshell openeing desigm. It has tons of pockets & is pretty versatile as there is a storage area between the main compartment & the smaller pocket area on the back which is designed to take a combat helmet, which gives you an idea of the size. I like it's flexabilirty in that I can only put a bit in it, pull in the compression starps & it feels like a daypack. I reckon you could get 2 Army 58 Pattern sleeping bags in the main compartment, so it's not small. If you Molled on a couple of PLCE side pouches you would be up to 80 Litres t, so it can be expanded quite a lot. It's a 3 day bag but with some smallish sleeping kit you could live out of it for a week with no problem. Dave
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