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    Jetboil - missing parts need replacements

    Dear all, I've just come back from Scotland and I have the original jeboil burner. Whilst cleaning it, I lost the internals of the burner head that makes it spark, not the ignite but the wirewool looking item. I wonder if those of you that have the original jetboil could tell me what its made...
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    Symonds Yat River Wye

    Hi Going to Symonds Yat Canoeing next weekend, has anybody got any grid refs on where to wild camp due to Symonds Yat East Campsite being full? Thanks Tim
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    My Norway Trip

    cool I so want to do that, where did you get your larvu from?
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    arctic smock

    Hey guys, I am off to the arctic and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a medium swedish army smock M60 or M62? thats cheap Tim
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    Birchbark canoe websites

    hi relfy There will be a gallery for Steve Cayards site.
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    Natural Tinders

    Birch bark, chared cotten and amadou, but might get some thistle down :) the flint and steal works great with the chard cotten.
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    Birchbark canoe websites

    Just thought you'd all like to know I've just revamped my friend Ted Behne's birchbark canoe website and I am now working on one for master canoe builder Steve Cayard Tim
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    North Wales campsite recommendation needed!

    yeah shell island is pretty cool they allow fires on the beach only
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    BG again

    I promised myself I wouldn't get involved but lol here goes I actually know one of the survival experts who did an episode for BG they argue points about the writers crazy ideas but get over ruled like the whole why would you want to use a snake skin for storing pee? but yet it is possible...
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    large tin cans?

    thanks for the replies I'll take a look
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    large tin cans?

    Hi Random question, where can I get a few large tin can's like baked bean tins but larger diameter. Does netto or somewhere sell them I want to use them as a cheaper alternative to billy cans Tim
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    hand drill

    thanks will give it ago
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    hand drill

    I am using a cattail dired and a popular board but I can't get smoke and i only get a little bit of dust. I can smell burning though?
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    Safely Identifying Burdock

    cheers guys I am going to book on a plant identification course
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    Safely Identifying Burdock

    what about the stem and leaves are they similar to anything?