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    Bahco Laplander...the best saw ever?

    Hi Everyone, Here's a review I did of the Bahco Laplander which is a folding saw with a lot to offer. I think it could even be the best saw for Bushcraft and outdoor activities on the market right now. In this video I give an overview of the saw and also share some tips and tricks that...
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    Wild Food Wheel

    Hey One and All, As always I hope my message finds you well? A little idea that I am trying to implement this year that will increase my knowledge of my local surrounding and hopefully it will inspire you to do the same. Would love to know...
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    Instant Release Paracord Handle

    Good Evening One and All, I've got something fun for you to try this weekend. If you want a lot of paracord to use and want to integrate it into your belongings, this is THE method to do it: This is something I've been using for over a year...
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    Kit Review: ESEE-4 Knife

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are all doing well and still managing to get out there at this colder time of year? In this video I give a 'no-holds barred' kit review of the ESEE-4 Knife and I'm not scared to share with you the negative aspects as well as the positive...
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    Bushcraft Permanent Camp

    Hi Everyone, In a new piece of land that we have permission to make a permanent camp on for use with Bushcraft activities, myself and Outdoor Life Of Brian begin the task of clearing the area and making it more 'liveable' Would love any name...
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    DD Hammock Review, Tips and Tricks

    Hi Everyone, Here's a video for everyone who uses a hammock or is thinking about using one in the future. In this video I will show you what the DD Camping Hammock can do and will give you some excellent tips and tricks with any hammock on the market not just the DD ones...
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    Simple Bushcraft Chair

    Happy New Year to you all, With the festive season and the decrease in temperature, I've not been able to get out much, but I have still managed to make you all a video. With just three lengths of cordage of any sort you can make yourself a bushcraft chair in a matter of minutes and keep...
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    Tinder Fungus - Daldinia Concentrica

    Hi BUK friends, Daldinia Concentrica (also known as King Alfred's Cakes and Crampballs) is an excellent tinder fungus that will accept a spark very well and soon turn into a glowing ember. Perfect for starting a fire in conjunction with a 'bird's nest' or as a coal extender for friction...
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    Fresh Nettle Tea

    Hi everyone, Those horrible things that sting you when you leave the confines of the can get your own back by stealing their nutrients. Nettles are full of vitamins and minerals and hopefully the next time you see a big patch of them you won't think...ouch...but...
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    Bushbox XL Review and Tips

    It's that time once again my friends on the Bushcraft UK forum, Firstly, as always, I hope that this message finds you well? Secondly, I have had my Bushbox XL for a while now and have really been able to put it through it's paces, here are my thoughts and even some tips and tricks...
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    How to use a Millbank Bag

    Hi Everyone at BUK :) When I mention Millbank bags, people seem to glaze over and have no idea what I am talking about. Have you ever wanted to know what exactly a Millbank Bag is and how exactly it can make wild water safer for you to drink? This video will show you how to use a the...
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    Britton wood meet November 21st-23rd list

    Hey guys, turns out I can't make it this time, sadly. But I'm at the next one for sure. Have a good time all :-)
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    Britton wood meet November 21st-23rd list

    I've just found out about this meet and would ove to come, however, it will be dependant on checking to see if I am free, might just be one night if I am.
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    Having the Right Knowledge

    Hello everyone on the Bushcraft UK Forum, I hope that you are all well and that the weather isn't restricting your outdoor activities too much? While away with my profession I was not able to take my everyday carry items (such as a knife and fire lighting equipment) this led to a little...
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    Quick Release Paracord

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are well? Here is a very fast and yet reliable way to carry paracord that deploys in just seconds...and we all love paracord...don't deny it :D Let me know if anything was unclear or if it actually made sense :-) Cheers, Brook