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    Tutorial Repeat: Waxed leather drinking flask.

    It looks like you ran out of free hosting on photobucket.
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    Why am I carrying........ The Sequel.

    My EDC is kind of anemic: Wallet SAK - Quite a fat one: has a torch, magnifying glass, bit driver and spanner along with the usual. Phone Fisher bullet pen Keys Tiny notebook - fits in back pocket
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    Tutorial Repeat: Waxed leather drinking flask.

    This looks like a very interesting project. Is my assumption that the groover and stitch wheel are just for neatness, labour saving and reducing the chances of mucking it up correct? Leather work isn't something I've done before so, unless my local makerspace or similar has them, I'll be going...
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    Hello all, I've had an interest in Bushcraft to some degree or other since I've been a kid and have recently rekindled some interest. So I'm on the lookout for learning new things and finding places to practise any skills. If anyone knows of anything in the Sherwood area that would be fantastic.