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    Canvas and Leather 55-60 ltr sack.

    hopefully you received my pm this time lol
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    Canvas and Leather 55-60 ltr sack.

    pm sent re bag
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    Handmade Carved Leather Wallets

    I mentioned to my wife how i really liked the wallets you make. and bless her she found your web address and got me one for Xmas (odin one eye). So the reason for my post is to say how chuffed I was and what a fantastic bit of workmanship.
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    Haslemere, Surrey.

    Cheers for the reply guys. Monkey boy, cheers for the heads up i've joined the group. I have the usage of woods in Surrey and was thinking of inviting a few for a meet if you guys are interested.
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    Haslemere, Surrey.

    I live near Haslemere in Surrey and Just out of curiosity how many of you are also near Haslemere? If there is some locals maybe we could sort out a meet!
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    Knives and other stuff (2nd PRICE DROP)

    pm sent re belt and flashlight.
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    Hello from West Sussex

    Hi Tom, I'm from w Sussex too, near Haslemere. whereabouts are you?
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    Lundhag ranger first impressions

    Lundhags are great boots I've got to pairs. But I think they are like Marmite 'you either love m or hate m'. Me I love m!
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    Anyone know where to buy Lundhag boots in the UK.

    As said Penrith and Nordic outdoors used to?
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    Tracking Courses

    I have two very good friends who run Woodlife Trails at, Brilliant courses and they are based in the southeast.
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    Duluth Wanderer and German Mountain Pack

    hahaha tell me about it Steve ;-)
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    Duluth Wanderer and German Mountain Pack

    Yes please to the Duluth :-)
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    New Bushcraft/Firearms Poll

    Who me? 100% feral Englander ;-)
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    New Bushcraft/Firearms Poll

    I did a sponsored live and forage in the woods for a month earlier this year and my Shotgun and air rifle where very much apart of my Bushcraft journey. I've been using Firearms for years so me personally would not be interested, but I do think that there is a place for your idea.
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    To Approach a Controversial Subject

    Well said! Sadly I think this and a couple of other threads have shown some true colours. :( Good luck THOaken, and keep ya chin up!