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    Folding chair

    I have a blue one of these.No problems whatsoever.I use some bigfeet things I found in camping international for the legs.Perfect for wandering on the motorbike ect.
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    The League of Pipe smokers!

    A quick pipe last week whilst enjoying the view..
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    I've just bought one of those Stanley ones.Looking forward to filling it with my blackberry brandy. It matches my hot water flask and if it's as good as that,I'll be a happy bunny.
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    GPS Units, help me decide please!!

    I'll third Satmap.
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    Why are Duke of Ed people always lost?

    Quite true.3 of my 4 children have done the Dof E to gold.My youngest is off to South America in the summer as a direct result of her wanderings.The others still go out with their friends for very long map guided walks basically to get muddy,have a laugh and get away from the internet for a day...
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    Canvas bags!!! The first wave!!!

    My Rambler arrived today.I've wanted a longer bag for quite a while so I can pack my large flask.It works perfectly and sits just right on my hip.Great construction too.I'm very pleased with it,thankyou.
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    Canvas bags!!! The first wave!!!

    I'll take a Rambler if I may.PM sent.
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    "I don't need one of these" (repeat until temptation passes)

    How much do I want one of those......
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    Footpath Checking

    A quick hop over the back fence and a walk to check the markers on one of the paths we have not been on before.Only a four hour walk but good fun with number two son.Most of it was OK but a few stiles gone and some markers needed at some points. Photos are a bit...
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    Glentrool chilly chillout

    Did you find it a problem with the frontier stove chimney going through the centre? I was worried about it taking too much room in the middle of the tent.
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    Sfa leather mask

    Yes please for the smaller basket pattern.PM sent.
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    Thermal Coffee / Filter Mug £4.99

    I use one a t work every day.Very good.Just take your time pushing down the filter.
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    Crumpets or muffins?

    Crumpets every time.One loaded with proper salted butter and the other the same but with added lemon and lime marmalade. Just bought two packs ready for the holiday.I have to beat my daughter to them though !
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    Toad in a hole

    I had one in a hole in the middle of my lawn a few years ago.Scared the life out of me when I touched it.I just put a marker by it so I knew where it was and let it get on with it.Perfect toad shaped hole though.
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    Dutch oven on charcoal stove

    Nothing melted and it was tucked right down by the stove.Good old Aldi bargain held together with exhaust tape.