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  • Hi Paul,
    That's very kind of you. I'll come down by train from HH. I'll be the rucksack with legs ;-)

    My mobile is 07920 534120.

    I think I have to get some more food today but that's about it.

    Hi Steve

    Looking forward to Friday's trip to Machynlleth.

    I shall be at Watford junction station foyer at 8:15 am. Train goes 8:37.

    Meet you there.

    Can you let me know if you are going top be any later that 8:25 as I will have started panicing by then!

    my mobile no is : 079675 99863

    How are you getting there? Being driven down to Watford? If so and you want to come earlier and miss the traffic then you can come to my house - 86 Mildred Avenue, WD18 7DX. Any time after 7 am. But I'll be leaving to walk to the station by 7:50

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