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    Show us your flaming kettles ... (pic heavy Brewing Viewing)

    I haven't posted a pic for years, so I hope this works! A Wild Stoves Woodgas MkIIt, with a Trangia kettle.
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    Socks for your boots - layering?

    I've never worn two pairs of socks and never had any issues.
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    Recommendation for trainers

    Another vote for Salomon. I have a pair of X Ultra Prime shoes for the warmer, dry months and a pair of X Ultra Mid GTX boots for the wetter, cooler times.
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    C25K / Couch to 5K

    A big thumbs-up for running from me. I started towards the end of 2010 to lose some weight. I really got into it and progressed to running the London Marathon this year. I never run with headphones/music and have found that running has developed my mental strength just as much as my physical...
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    Campfire Music...

    Too true - I can't complain! It's great for fishing and coastal activities. I do wish there was more woodland though. I have very happy memories of time spent in the woods whilst serving in the army in the UK.
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    DT GCSE market research (fire tray)

    1. (c)30-39 2. (a)Male 3. (d) Every few months 4. (a)Fire pit (or fire bowl) 5. (b)Metal 6. (a)Circular 7. (b)About 30cm (12in) 8. (d)£30-39 I have often used my Weber Smokey Joe Silver as a fire pit/bowl. It puts out an impressive amount of heat. The design is very...
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    Campfire Music...

    Hi Al, there is pretty much nowhere to wild camp. Nearly all the wooded areas are on steep valley sides and almost every square inch is owned by someone or another. We have been going to the same spot for over twenty years and have always left the minimum sign of having been there as...
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    Campfire Music...

    I take a radio. Saturday night we camped out and listened to Radio 2. That had some great music on later in the evening. Yes, a radio. Also an ice box, some chairs, a barbecue and ... a Bic lighter :Wow:. The Horror. The Horror.
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    New mora help

    I have found that I favour the stainless knives as their main use for me is food preparation. The new sheaths are more secure than the original Clippers' so it's less likely that you'll have one fall out if inverted.
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    Merrell shoes...any good ?

    I have found that they run tiny. I'm always a 9 but after ordering some online, found them to be too small. I exchanged them for a 10, but having worn them for bit I find them too small too. So as a size 9, I should have ordered an 11!
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    Kelly Kettle [1 pint]

    If the Kelly starts to gets noticeably heavier, scrape some of it off with a stick. ;)
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    G-Shock watches.....advice needed

    G-Shocks have to be fully digital for me. Atomic solar helps too.
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    Trekker stainless steel Kelly Kettle: fit of the base

    I've had an aluminium Kelly Kettle for many years and the fire bowl of that one fits nicely into the base of the kettle for transportation, allowing a couple of brews' worth of kindling to be securely stored in the chimney. I received a stainless steel one pint Trekker for Father's Day :D...
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    A terrible mistake.

    Batoning offers great accuracy when splitting smaller kindling and I believe it fine to do on larger pieces of wood with a fairly straight grain, when the forces on the knife are minimal. Gorse for Kelly Kettle fuel: However, baton gnarly stuff at your peril!
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    A terrible mistake.

    A knife that could withstand being hammered into a tree and then have someone stand on the handle could have its blade broken by the twisting force of batoning a gnarly piece of wood. A carbon Clipper is a very tough knife and will take this much abuse...