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    My trip to Everest Base Camp for Sue Ryder Care - PIC HEAVY!

    Great pics. Amazing what those porters can carry! I'd struggle pushing a supermarket trolley with that much beer in, let alone climb a mountain with it on my back. :lmao:
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    My wildlife photos

    Wow. They are awesome! You certainly have the knack and the patience no doubt.:)
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    Some water

    Looks magical with the water effect. Nice job!:)
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    Hampshire from a newbie

    Nice photos. Really caught the ambience and beauty of the area. :)
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    red kite

    Awesome! Nice pics.:)
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    What's on your porridge?

    I have porridge for breakie every weekday with runny honey drizzled over it. Never tried salt but might do never know! Of course weekends are reserved for the full english wham bam thank you mam gut busting fry up...:D
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    Move over Mears and Grylls - Rapids Johnson is the man

    Tip from Wolf Mills: "If you're ever trapped in the African savannah (as I often am) and are charged by a rhino, simply pantomime writing with your left hand as rhinos instinctively shy away from left-handed people." :lmao:
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    New TV Series 23/01/10 Heads-up.

    "Expect spear fishing, caber tossing, mushroom picking, goose culling, lobster baiting, log rafting, fly fishing, whisky tasting, urchin eating, wild swimming, salmon smoking, mussel picking, paddle surfing, scuba diving, shark swimming, and even sword dancing in a boys own adventure holiday of...
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    Out in the cold and damp...Fire starting

    This is a good vid for starting fires in damp/wet conditions in pine forests. :) Bushcraft and Survival
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    Interesting Knot Site

    Good vid for rigging tarps Bushcraft and Survival :)
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    Children's Bushcraft

    Quite interesting