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    Duty FREE Biodeisel

    With Landrover DI diesels you must have a twin tank setup I believe as Direct Injection engines won't run veg while cold. Making biofuel is a real hassle and not as simple as most people might think. Twin tank kits are only about £450 and then you can happily run neat veg oil year round. Which...
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    Greenheat backpack stove

    Hmm.. I use the Green slime sachets a lot in my Crusader cooker. I found that by insulating the bottom of the cooker with folded layers of foil, and adding the empty wrapper to the slime, you get a better flame. The best thing is one of Warthog's lids on the mug and you can actually boil water...
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    Anyone tried Tasmanian Tiger Swift (24L)?

    Sorry for late reply... Got mine from Germany through Looking at that, £35 from the UK is a very good price. Yes, I'm certain all your stuff will fit.
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    Anyone tried Tasmanian Tiger Swift (24L)?

    Yes. I have it in Flektarn and I love it! It's a great little ruck and solidly made. It has a built in whistle in the sternum strap buckle too.The mobile phone pouch also neatly carries the larger PMR radios if you use them.
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    Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder?

    I have some smaller TT kit and it is good in my opinion. I have one of their flektarn 30 litre packs and it is excellent with some good features.
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    Vulcan or Sabre

    Yes, I believe do some cheap copies in various colours/patterns. No idea on the quality though, but it all depends on what you use them for and how you look after them in my experiences with cheap equipment.
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    reviews on mosquito hammocks?

    That's because he has lived there these past few years!!:cool: I never had the supplied tarp. I always used a 3mx3m tarp. I have a Tatonka and a DPM tarp from USMC which is lighter yet stronger. 3mx3m can be used equally well in diamond formation or conventional square formation. Both ways work...
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    Vulcan or Sabre

    Yes. My mate uses a Vulcan exclusively for years and I have used it too to compare to my S 75. The Vulcan has magical abilities to just make weight disappear. Maybe the Sabre would if it was long enough for my back. My next trick will involve a Sabre 80-130. I only need an extra couple of...
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    Vulcan or Sabre

    Sabre 75 will be waaaay too small for you.
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    This time next year, you'll be a millionaire... :)
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    reviews on mosquito hammocks?

    Tom is a great bloke and the hammocks are fantastic.. Here's a review I posted on my forum: A couple of years ago me and Giz wanted a good hammock each so after much research we settled on a Jungle Hammock from and it proved a very good choice. We have tested them in the...
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    Abbes Postmortem

    Sorry it didn't work out for you Abbe, but glad you gave it a go. At least you won't be sitting in your chair at 70 years old wondering "What if?" like so many people will. You followed your dreams and realised they were just that- dreams. The reality was somewhat different, but you had to give...
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    which shelter??

    But they certainly help...;) You'd be stuffed in the desert without a brace of Wolf Gypsy wagons..
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    Camo Question

    You're missing the point- it's not about hiding, it's about blending with the environment and cutting down on visual pollution. There's nothing worse in my opinion than sitting in the wilds looking at a natural landscape feeling like you're the only one there, and then to have three bright red...
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    Had your own boots made?

    Have no fear John, she's not alone - my size 11 feet are exactly the same. My biggest problem, and no doubt your wife's too, is getting boots that I can actually do up tight enough as most of the time the lace eyes actually meet in the middle and STILL the boots are loose.. And as the toes turn...