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    A few knives made recently

    Nice mate!
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    Sheath or Sheaf?

    The problem with criticising grammar is we then have to use perfect grammar ourselves; otherwise we become hippopotamus.
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    New Design.... Nessmuk

    Regarding the guard thing, if you like a guard then buy a knife with one, if you do not like a guard then buy a knife without one :) simples I look forward to the full flaties :)
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    New Design.... Nessmuk

    Very nice, that design has been thought about. The trouble with traditional nessie is the handle being lower than blade, so not a makeshif kitchen knife. This knife is the opposit and would work well for that! For me though, I would say this suits a full flat. I do not see the point (excuse...
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    can some one point me in the right direction

    As others have said, wet and dry glued to something flat. They will actually remove metal faster than the waterstone at the same grit, imo.
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    Kydex Sheath Makers?

    Good advice Muskett, I can do Kydex, but I cannot do it as cheap or as good as someone like Dorset Blades. I think It is a good investment, all Mora Bushcrafters should fit in the sheath, so if you bust it just buy another, and the same sheath will work.
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    Nessie ready for HT

    Well hopefully it will be when finished :)
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    Nessie ready for HT

    It is normalised and I have started getting the handle assembly ready; decided on something traditional in the end.
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    Nice review mate!
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    Nessie ready for HT

    It varies a bit, it is full flat grind and is 3mm on the widest point and just under 2.5mm in the narrow area. It sounds thicker than it is because of the full flat so yet will be nearly kitchen knife slicey. I think that is how the nessy was originally designed. What do you guys think for a...
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    Nessie ready for HT

    Finally sorted my workshop out, so I got stuck in and put this grind on a nessie blade I shaped years ago :D Ready for HT
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    just finished, bush utility in 2.6mm rwl34

    Looks like spalted beech to me. Nice knife.
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    01 steel sharpening question

    I would say it is probably something to do with edge geometry, either thicker at the edge than the mora or different sharpening angle. If you put a woodcarving angle on it about 30 degrees then that might be the difference you are experiencing as the mora has a more acute angle. That being said...
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    Triple Zone hardening

    For years bladsmiths have been coming out with fancy names for something that is quite simple. It is probably just edge quenched :)
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    The best steel for Knifemaking ?

    I just replied suggesting an old file, i spent 20 mins going through the process only for my windows 8.1 to freakin crash.