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  1. Shambling Shaman

    Glad to be back.

    So you moved too, I do have some catching up to do.
  2. Shambling Shaman

    Glad to be back.

    Firstly thanks for sorting this out Tony ☺ So long story short, moved 3 times changed job twice and only just settling back down. I'm now closer to Glasgow or more exactly just outside of Bridge of Weir. Will try and catch up with what I've missed. Again nice to be back 🍻🍻
  3. Shambling Shaman

    Interesting cooker?

    Rechargeble battery powered stove.
  4. Shambling Shaman

    I've been robbed :(

    Sorry to hear this, I can only echo all the comments above. I've also got bits n piece I would happily donate.
  5. Shambling Shaman

    A song for those who appreciate wood stoves...

    Not been hear for a while but seen this a thought of you all. A song for those who appreciate wood stoves....:
  6. Shambling Shaman

    Today we had to say good bye to our old dog.

    The rescue home were not shore if he was 4 or 5 when we got him, so he made 18 or possibly 19. Paddy (our other dog) was ok yesterday but today hes not himself.
  7. Shambling Shaman

    Today we had to say good bye to our old dog.

    Today we had to say good bye to our old dog Broch. We had some great times and he will be sorely missed.
  8. Shambling Shaman

    Is it just me?

    The 3rd Photo is the look...if you could ad a set of mutton chops that would be fantastic.
  9. Shambling Shaman

    Wasp nest!

    Thanks Red. Didn't know about the re-occupation so that's good to know. Did catch a few (what appear to be) queen's in the traps. On a different note Hugh I've got a lot of gray squirrel's here so once I've got my 22 added to my FAC I will defend the Highlands of Scotland from the invasion. :)
  10. Shambling Shaman

    Wasp nest!

    Oddly I didn't? but will do.
  11. Shambling Shaman

    Wasp nest!

    So new job new house a wee wasp issue... Have got the activity down to zero with a combination of traps and spray, I've never removed a nest of this size before not even close biggest ive dealt with was at max 4" this is in the feet range. Pointers and advice welcome. Its also in a...
  12. Shambling Shaman

    New Job - House move

    Last day at my old job today, first trip with boxes tomorrow hopefully fully moved by Wednesday. :)
  13. Shambling Shaman

    Robin Williams :-(

    Sad news.
  14. Shambling Shaman

    Blacksmithing Course Photos

    So lucky Sandy (our instructor) had one portable forge and had made a bespoke anvil for the project, 3 of us took turns in completing a stage up to the finish approx 5hr was a great day. Like you I could have worked till dark (and felt it the next day) :D