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  • Sorry I've taken a while to respond - I've been off having a job conundrum. I'm in the fortunate position of having two companies wanting me to work for them...but I'm hopeless at making decisions!

    Body warmers maybe with lamb skins - my sheepskins are a bit thick n heavy! I can't believe noone wants to go with you on a waggon! Bring one down to the bushmoot!!

    I spent bank holiday visitin' my great aunty for her 83rd birthday party and then Monday out takin' photos at Godrevy. What about you?
    Hello! Is it still raining up there? We've got fog and low cloud here.
    I haven't done anything with the sheepskins yet. The ones with wool on will be rugs, though. I have a friend who would like to buy one from me and my uncle Steven has taken one off my hands too. The skins I made into chamois leather I'll make into things...but I haven't started sewing yet! I'm still looking for inspiration for what to make at the moment. You got any ideas?
    Post might be a bit expensive, but how about making the trip down, horses, wagon and all? ;)
    I love this site, the longer I'm on it, the more I'm drawn in - so many people with such a lot of knowledge. I don't know where else I'd ask some of my questions! Am already psyching myself up for the moot - was such fun last year.
    I haven't got any photos! So far only done one and that was a bodge because the man wanted it done a certain (wrong) way and I'm not proud of it. Still got another to do now from scratch, the right way so hopefully that will be better! Will take photos then. Bit nervous....need to practice sign writing before i do it for real i think! How are your wagons?
    Hehe - she doesn't do anything with them, she smokes them for their intoxicating effects ;)

    So watcha doin with yourself these days Les? Need any caravan painting done? :)
    Same here - I've been out all day smoking sheepskins :) Has clouded over now, though...so you might find rain coming your way from the SW if the wind is in the right direction.
    Hi Les! Good to see you here. Hope you find it useful and interesting :) I think its ace!
    Hooray! Welcome to bushcraftuk :)
    It's great here - loads of people making things and sitting around campfires.
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