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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Oh! Yes please! Complete with sound effect too.....:thumbsup:
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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Here you go, wear one of these 2 metres across..soon sort them out.............:laugh:
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    Biker Basics

    " Assuming these are made IN India?? Wonder if you can purchase at the Factory and ride it back to the UK. " Riding the bike from India to the Uk is easily within the capabilities of the bike...But war, politics and currently disease make it difficult. TeeDee I highly recommend that you dive...
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    Biker Basics

    " Value for Money being how much? " 410 cc Himalayan £4000 BMW G310 £5320 450 cc Honda CRF l £9460 Different mind set...Point is any lady biker already has street cred as far as I am concerned, whatever her bike.what bike she "Has" to ride to qualify is just the flakes...
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    Biker Basics

    " Not the same amount of street cred tho! "...:) Bah! Ladies of a certain age and still riding any bike, don't need a flash bike for street cred. What's the a Virago a 535 or 750?
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    Biker Basics

    Value for money and suitability for purpose..used within it's scope....I think it is the best bike I've ever owned. After the Guzzi's 1100cc fuel injected power and cruising ability I thought the Himalayan would be mind numbingly under powered..wrong! Low down torque and the gearing makes it...
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    Biker Basics

    Had the Guzzi from new in 1997, Woody girl. Fabulous, reliable bike but spares started to get A) scarce or B) silly money. Had to get an exhaust collector box (between the down pipes, ) from Italy!! a Mortgage..and it was a used part!!! Plus getting heavy for the 'ol boy to push, move...
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    Biker Basics

    Go for it TeeDee, You'll never look back..Well you will (rear observation) or you'll fail your Test, but you know what I mean...:p July 1964...DVLC ??.,. Didn't exist... 250cc BSA C15 single.. Summer travels.. Current bike.... As Broch says, it's about the ride, not seeing how quick...
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    Just ate some rat bait...

    Not true TeeDee, it was ratified by the Mods...
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    Getting fitter

    Being fit is very important, especially at times like the present. I devised a way of getting into town without being stopped and fined or even arrested by the Police. Unfortunately it involved my mate who is over weight and very unfit.. We had to cross a field in which there was a Hereford...
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    The relentless march of time

    realised nope thats white hair If I found a dark hair in my beard I'd be amazed...You're still a sprog, Man of T... :laugh:
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    Men of Inspiration

    Inspirational? Sgt. Talaiasi Labalaba BEM. 1942-72
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    I had better make a decision now...

    It's not a Galley, is it?.......
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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    " Don't worry, rolls Royce are being coopted into making ventilators " That's good news....Just hope Boeing don't start making them too......:p
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    Upgrade Observations:

    Just a heads up really if you are still tweaking....:) This is what I get on Fire Fox (Latest version) Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead... Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal...