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    Bimble, Bonnie, Brew, Bacon, Bangers & a Bun

    cracking day out, as always, great pic's, and great company! already packed for next weeks trekking adventure!, gps at the ready!! :p Thanks for sharing RM
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    In the woods

    Cracking day, perfect weather, great company, superb banter as always, already looking forward to next weeks bonnie and bacon rolls! Thanks for posting some great pictures! RM
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    An Evening with Ray Mears

    Friggin amazing, Started at 7.30 finished at 11.00 with a 30 minuite interval! Never mentioned his company courses, and for those sceptics out there who say he is only plugging his new book, Sorry to dissapoint, he did not mention it once! Great evening out, would highly recommend a viewing...
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    Fjallraven Vintage 30l Backpack

    Know what you mean, I have un-issued 1940's Norgi 20L daypack, and 50L heroe's of telemark pack, Just for those days when i fell like going canvas style and Leather hat!!! :o
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    Fjallraven Vintage 30l Backpack

    If you want a decent 40L jallraven, try the Helags 40, i have one, Friggin great pack, it will compress down to 30L, and expandable lid takes you up to at least 50L, Trailblazer have them and great service if it helps any! RM
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    An Evening with Ray Mears

    Woking this sunday for me!, should be good, seen him before down on the coast in Worthing, but you can never have too much of a good thing!, so i keep telling the wife! RM
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    Show us your smocks

    I like that a lot! Bob XL looks a bit grumpy thismorning!!!:lmao: RM
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    Fjallraven Helags 40

    Right people, I have just ordered one of these, so, as i could not find any decent reviews on this pack, i will either write one myself, or may even do a video review, or both, who know! So, if anybody out there is thinking of possibly getting one, let me know...
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    Fjallraven Helags 40

    Also, How many extra litre's do you recon you get with the lid raised? Thanks RM
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    Fjallraven Helags 40

    That would great, no rush, always takes me a few weeks to make my mind up anyway!! RM
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    Fjallraven Helags 40

    This is so tempting, Own a bit of Fjallraven gear and know of the build quality. Anybody out there used, seen, maybe even a reviewed one of these bad boys? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance RM
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    Eagle kills Deer

    Why can't my camera traps catch shot like that, all I get is people's dog, and occasionally the odd fox! That was luck, pure and simple, but how, how amazing! Thank's for sharing! RM
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    Sport direct/soccer sports....

    I have bought plenty from there for bushcraft, and for Kickboxing. They do a decent pair of winter lined trousers in moss for 15 quid, and long sleeve shirts for a tenner, and those nalgene bottles are good for the money, i have 3 or 4 in different sizes now. Good finds you got there, well...
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    compact brew kit

    How rude of me, thanks to Hugo from this parish for supplying some of the best canvas available! RM
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    That does sound like a good idea! Keep us posted. Plus one more for the smell of the Fall!! RM