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    Pole lathes

    Hello Rafe, for tools you could try this site, it's tools for self reliance, they refurbish old tools and sell them to help people in Africa. The tools they sell for wood turning are very reasonably priced too, and no I don't have any affiliation to them, just think they do good work...
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    Who's going to the Moot

    I'll be there too, 3rd time for me, and on me todd this time, meeting my good friend Ogri there, and hoping to see John Fenna and Greg, plus everyone else! Might even have some trade goods John, and hopefully a few auger and sheath sets to sell/trade....
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    New to Buscraft and the site

    Welcome to the site Eragon21, you'll learn a lot on here, and you'll thoroughly enjoy the moot. Hope to see you there.
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    Shutter Speed Question

    Just another thought on geting better shots, try using a tripod, or gorrilla pod, then put the camera on a timed shot, it just removes the hand jitter, which is inevitable with close ups.
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    Wild food forage course

    Fair do's that looks like you had a great time on the course, and it sounds well prepared, with plenty to keep you occupied and interested. Out of interest, what did you do with the Burdock root? As I've seen a few around my local woods, and wouldn't mind trying it out.
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    Possible thirteenth hammock group buy

    Received mine today, thanks very much again for sorting this group buy John.
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    Possible thirteenth hammock group buy

    Hello John, just saw that you've got the hammocks, I've just sent my payment, by Paypal. Thanks again for doing this, much appreciated.
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    Agave Cordage

    Surprised you haven't had any replies to this post Mario, looks good too, haven't tried cordage myself yet, but that might just nudge me in the right direction. Nice one!
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    Hog Roast for a Handfasting.. help!!

    One option you could try is contacting your local butcher, mate of mine did for his fortieth, and the butcher got the hog roast cooked at a local bakers....big oven then delivered the whole thing piping hot ready to carve on the day! It was one of the best hog roasts I've ever been too...
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    Possible thirteenth hammock group buy

    Hello John, could you put me down for one too please? 1) Magikelly and SotP 25nr 2) Paullyfuzz 3) Nat 4)Enzo 5)Stingray 6)SimonM 7)Lore 8)Black Sheep 9)PHIL562 10) Steve 48 11) Porchini 12) Tourist 13) speedstar x 2 14) Queeg9000
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    Hello stormwalker, I've been watching it, and it's superb, the shots taken from the air are amazing, I'd love to take a vacation there...................mmm maybe eh? It's shown on BBC Iplayer too, so no need to miss an episode.
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    New Knife and Auger Sheath Set (Picture heavy)

    Thanks for the nice comments MartinK9 and Topknot, much appreciated. Ogri, my good friend, I'll be up to Mid Wales soon to try this Auger set out!
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    New Knife and Auger Sheath Set (Picture heavy)

    Hello all, I've been having a go at making some leather knife sheaths and a sheath for an Auger set. Below are a few photo's of the finished results, the auger set was inspired by a sheath designed byShep, I've just put my own spin on the idea, and added an extra pocket for the handle. This set...
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    Jerky.. What else??

    Hello Bush Tucker, I've been trying my own jerky, and some dried olives, must say the jerky recipes I've been using are self made, but they are good. I use for a base, American Jerk marinade, (from Tesco) then add black pepper, salt and brown sugar, marinade for about 24 hours, then dry for 9...
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    Martins Jerked Meat

    I tried some of his jerky when we went to the Abergavenney food festival, very good too! Also he did some dried olives which were very good. Been trying my own jerky and olives, must say the jerky is good, even if i say so myself!