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    Modellers Corner

    I have just bought about £40 worth of Scale 75 acrylic paints. I had the Arbuckles brown and fell in love with how it covers and dries super matte. I have the flesh set and a load of various other paints. Also bought a Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought and the Know No Fear starter box. The Dark...
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    What did you buy today?

    Not at all bushcraft related, but I've upgraded my Royal Python's current habitat to a Vivexotic 4 foot 'maxi' vivarium. Pricy business, but absolutely essential for the snake as she is getting BIG!
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    Biker Basics

    Oh my god. I want a bike now. Thanks guys! I was about to do my 'big bike' test when we found out we were having a child. This meant I didn't want to risk my life as I was a stupid idiot at the time. Never went further than my CBT and was too broke to buy a runaround 125cc as I was a student...
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    Elwell no6 axe head restoration

    I posted pics in my original post. Hope it works. Looks ok for me (via Flickr)
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    Elwell no6 axe head restoration

    Dammit. I forgot to take before pictures. I took it out of the vinegar bath and took a wire brush to it. Looking a lot better. How does one clean out rust in the eye? Found a serial? Number. 55275. Any ideas??
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    Elwell no6 axe head restoration

    I've been given a rusted old axe head. There was a small bit of handle left but it was damaged by wood worm. Soaking in vinegar currently and getting a wire wool.scrub every few days. Got some abrasive discs on the way for my grinder to help with the worst bits. I have never done anything...
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    corona virus projects any one?

    Helping my 10 year old daughter build a stone/block raised bed in the garden. She is proud of our ugly thing. We will be doing 'hugelkultur' method. Need to figure out a way of keeping the neighbours cats off it though. Need some netting or chicken wire.
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    What did you buy today?
  9. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    What did you buy today?

    Not bushcrafty, but will hopefully keep me sane-ish. Bought a pair of Rosemary and Co kolinsky Series 8 sable brushes for painting Warhammer/40K miniatures. I can't find Winsor&Newton Series 7 for decent price online, and wanted to see how these compare. Handmade in Yorkshire!
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    Quarantine Self Care?

    Shave it.
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    recommendations please, cordless screw driver

    I just bought a Dewalt 18v combi drill with two 4Ah batteries from Screwfix. It wasn't cheap at £150 (even with £100 off rrp) but it is so much better than my Draper 810w corded hammer drill or my 10v Macallister drill driver. I have spent the last week drilling and driving anything I can; deals...
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    Messenger style bushcraft bag?

    Gutted! Looking back, I paid £6; I initially it was a halloween costume prop for my daughter but I liked it and stole it back! I'm going to upgrade the strap to a Maxpedition 50mm or Hazard4 one. I'm a big guy and like comfort!!
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    Messenger style bushcraft bag?

    I have a British Army gas mask bag (multicam) that I have modified slightly. Will post pics if I can dig it out. One large main pocket (gusseted to allow gasmask), two side pockets. Popper and velcro closure. I have added more poppers and covered the main flap velcro to make it quieter, and...
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    corona virus projects any one?

    I'm trying my hand at planting in containers. Mainly salad items and the like. Too many cats in the area for actual beds of veg. My daughter has potted some strawberries and they are in hanging baskets. I have also just received a decent drill for my birthday, so I have lots of work to catch up...
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    Folding saw - cheap might not get much use

    I have one if the yellow handled Lidl saws for rough work at home such as cutting roots and such. Really good for this kind of thing.