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    Anyone close to Livingston.

    lol hi peter ;)
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    Anyone close to Livingston.

    yeah m8 will try and sort something out.
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    Anyone close to Livingston.

    Will do thx Dreadhead.
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    Hi to everyone.

    Welcome Gary.
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    Yey! Got an ember with the bow drill!

    thx m8. i hope you get to do it this summer, and let me know how you get on with your flint and steel i have been thinking about getting a set as well.
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    Anyone close to Livingston.

    Just looking for anyone who is about really. you do not need to be from livingston as i can drive.
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    Yey! Got an ember with the bow drill!

    Manage to get last night was so happy i ran into the house shouting. "I am man i made fire" wife just looked at me like i was nuts.... I've been trying to get it for about 3 weeks now but got it with goats willow for the hearth/drill.
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    Recycled PC Stove Build & Hot Tent

    nice i like it. think i may look in to this a bit more :) looking forward to seeing it finished.
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    Large cat with a bushy tail??

    its hard to say as there is nothing for a ref. it could just be a norm cat with out a marker for how high it is its no good. and the cam seems to me that it is close to the ground as the blades of grass are coming up in front of the cam. witch looking up would make anything seem bigger. and for...
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    hi and welcome
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    Ash dieback fungus found in UK

    there is a vid showing you what to look for.
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    Carving with a bow

    that's clever.
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    Some of my self made gear

    hi m8 nice vid am from the uk and the gun thing did not bother me at all. could be the fact that am x-forces though oh and i like em lol.
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    Carving a simple Wood Spirit

    thanks soar will try that ;)