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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    u will know if it mutates to a very deadly form, young fit people and pregnant women inparticular become the greater part of the 10.000 deaths a day. So really we need to have the means to ventilate 3 million people or there abouts.
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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    The corona virus is a "novel" virus, meaning new strain. In history spanish flu, hong kong flu, china flu, russian flu where all novel viruses. Basically no one has had them before. First you get a mild extremley fast spreading virus, such as corona. Something to do with the mass simultaneous...
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    Surviving the Garden

    Yep, wielding brush hooks chainsaws and garden forks lol
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    Surviving the Garden

    Define "weeds", dandelion bramble sycamore ?
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    Any CCTV installers or Others.

    Get the new lowlight colour high def zoom ip adressed cameras if you are buying one. Basically cctv as far as i can make out is an industry that just continuess to update its equipment. From 2 black and white low def analogue frames a second onto a vcr to todays stuff, ripping out old and...
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    BcUK patch.

    Very true, ive got one i the draw ive had for years, but sewing it onto something that i keep for long enough is a tough find. I may sew it onto my replacement tilley hat, providing i learn not to leave that one somewhere in the next 12 months.
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    Windscreen - advice

    Hobgoblin shield hefty 30ish grams, does a cone shape
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    French 'feuille' cleaver

    Google one drive sign in, So no.
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    Propper european swords are made from different steels flexible middle hard edges. That would also be said of some knives that are welded grades, but not most, only the highest quality, woodlores are all the same billet. Trouble is that swords for hitting other swords undergo massive stress, i...
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    Mask designs - one post for them all???

    A marked improvement, I must say. Masks are for other people unless they are tight enough to prevent egress outside the filter. In amy public space, such as a tube train or operating theatre a surgical mask will prevent you spreading the virus, but in aerosol form with out negative pressure...
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    RIP Dave Greenfield.

    Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches. RIP
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    Rab alpine 900 -18c bag 232 quid

    Cheers, i may well give it a go, but i really object to being penalised for being tall.
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    The relentless march of time

    Here is the cure for you all
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    Rab alpine 900 -18c bag 232 quid

    Not that good really. The 700 xl is more expensive, so they are obviously flogging those 900s off, ill just have to wait till black friday, 180 is a bargain.
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    Rab alpine 900 -18c bag 232 quid

    i believe this is a bargain, but if not do tell. Far too warm for me, ill never need it unless i start going to norway, but for 232 quid you get this...