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    Sold Mec Army CPLU Watch Band LED Torch

    Is this still available?
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    Waterproofing a SAS Smock?

    Fabsil is great for that. Done a smock of mine
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    Elwell handle replacement sizing.

    Hello all, Recently purchased an Elwell hatchet. The handle came broken. I'm happy to replace it, gives me a small project. However I'm struggling to find a good replacement. Seems that the faithful FAIHA16 would work fine. Although cant find any in stock. The eye size looks to be around...
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    I used neatsfoot on a few leather sheaths to wet shape them. Worked great. Thats like 4mm thick tho
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    But to be fair. That pot you sent will last 4 or 5 more applications
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    Quarter of that pot buddy, now I've seen the magic, I'll be buying some. Amazing stuff. Put the gloves in a warm room and now fully dried.
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    BIG Thanks to Danceswithhelicopters, Lathered the hestra on the gloves. And reshaped them. Darkened the leather which is great! And not sticky at all. Before After Again. Big thanks
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    Wanted GB or HB hatchet

    Still looking chaps
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    Martindale Project

    Just been given this old Martindale machete. I restored an old SAW splitting axe over xmas. But this is a whole new ball game. Never replaced a handle before. Hoping this one will clean up. Something cool to keep me entertained over lockdown. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated Perci
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    Ill have a look. The hestra gloves look great. Just a tad expensive. But I'll check the oil out mate, ta
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    It is quite strong ahaha. What other cream can be used?
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    Hammock quilt

    I've never even thought of doing that! Great tip.
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    Hammock quilt

    I use the DD UQ. Loved it, was out in -4 plus a bit of wind and I was toasty as hell. I use a merino base layer. Hennesy hammock and carinthia D4 bag.
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    Neatsfoot oil on helikon gloves

    Hey guys, Was wondering if neatsfoot is OK for the thin leather helikon wood crafter gloves. I use is on my axe masks and sheaths. I know it will darken them, but after one outing with them at the weekend. They have lost alot of colour anyways. Cheers for the advice John
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    Wax canvas tarps.

    2x3 would be ideal I reckon.