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    Charity shop find :)

    I live for charity shops iv gotten some of my best stuff from the including an angora rabbit and lambs wool jumper (so warm) and my hiking boots brand new . iv also found that some charity shops get furs in. Found otter (I think) in one for quite cheap made for a happy Christmas for my...
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    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    My cub scouts done this for a special interest project to get a badge last summer they done a fantastic job on them, they came up with how they were going to do it all. It's really good for the children to be able to try out the stuff they made. They were all so proud of themselves :-) so was I
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    Speed Sew

    maybe try get one of the free samples and test it out on scrap fabrics first. aparently if you comment on this months video you get a free tube :) PenguinLady
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    Number three Bushshirt finished! Yawn!

    That looks fantastic and well toasty well done :D
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    Hello From Ireland

    thanks all looking forward to browsing the forums and trying new things :D Baelfore : Just for you :P
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    Ladies clothing

    Hey it might be a bit odd but these trousers are really comfy and they're great for the summer and when it gets colder (I know they are scout trousers but aw well) or there is the straight leg version...
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    Hello From Ireland

    Hey all :D (waves) I'm PenguinLady. I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I have a great love of the outdoors. I'm a Scout Leader (5 years now. Wooop!) I enjoy Knitting, sewing, making my own clothes, gardening, camping etc.... I recently carved my first spoon but only after a lot of...