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    Cheeky overnighter last friday pic heavyish

    Thanks for sharing! Looks fun. We had a lot of snow on Friday so you were lucky!
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    On 02 Sony Erricson X1 Experia Mobile Phone

    Hi, A Classic, on 02, with its box, charger etc. Offers approx £30.00 Anyone?
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    Newbie DSLR thoughts?

    Nikon all the way, I have a D300 and my father in law D700... big difference, but both produce great results! I like the new Samsung compact digital camera seen on bill boards Samsung Smart I think... good to take to the woods...
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    Solo night out(pic heavy)

    Looks like you know what you are doing! Thanks for sharing....
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    Heads up, Mora robust for 2 for £20

    Such a kind fella!:cool:
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    November Camp with Teepee and I camp @ butlins (pic heavy)

    Looks great guys thanks for sharing! Sort of trip me and Resnikov and MountainM go on!
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    Back to the Lakes

    Looks amazing, thanks for sharing. The Photos are all great! :-)
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    A day out in the sunshine.

    Nice way to spend a day! Thanks for sharing!
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    Ipad photo sharing

    If you have a cloud account they stream between your apple products, so you take a pic on your iphone, they appear on the Ipad and so on.
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    Hiya from Leeds

    Welcome Tom! Leeds is a great City! Born there myself! Reside East of Leeds now!
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    Chris and Stu's Bogus Journey (loch/canoe/camp)

    Looks good lads, thank you for sharing. Been ages since i ventured out!
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    pelican 16ft canadian canoe

    So want.... Cashflow at the mo.. I am watching though!
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    Out On Loch an Daimh (pic heavy)

    What a great day! Lucky lucky people!
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    Help, which trousers??

    I got the Bear Grylls Trousers, they are great, plenty of pockets, one pocket has the dry bag for phones etc. They wear well, and wash well.
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    If this doesn't happen let me know.... I'd take. Hopefully Rick will sort of course.