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  • Hi Paul, can you P.M. me to say if you have a knife sheath that has a section for your ferro rod.so that I know what size to make your handle, If too large diameter it will not have room to fit beside the main part of the sheath. Usually about index finger diameter
    is fine. Cheers Stuart.( I have taken my Name and address out of the last message for security reasons.)
    Hi P@ul, Thank you for the kind offer to send me some Cramp Balls, I will be pleased to take you up on this offer.
    There are just none to be had up here as far as I can see. I have gone around the woods for about 60 years and have never found any.
    I do not know who the other Paul is, that I was in touch with, But hay ,ho, I am coming up with the Goods. Things are a bit quiet up here as we have had a pretty poor summer. My address is Stuart Swanson, 36 Albert Street,
    Dunblane Perthshire FK15 9DB
    Do keep in touch, Cheers for now and thanks again. Stuart.
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