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    Riverbank or lakeside spot

    90 miles not too bad for a weekend , looks great . I will pm you for location if that's ok , going in May sometime . Thanks
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    Riverbank or lakeside spot

    Hi all Does anyone know of a riverbank or lakeside in the northwest that I can go and hammock camp with my son , he wants to try catch a fish and have it for his tea. Maybe a campsite? Or a place with permission . Any ideas Thanks
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    Birch Sap

    Tried it last weekend , got about 2mm not good . Will try again this weekend .
  4. Originaltrav

    Small Stuff Sacks

    Yes please I'll have a set , PM me your PayPal details please. Ta
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    2013 DD Group Buy :)

    Gear arrived yesterday all good Thanks again
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    Heads up Nescaffe 2 in 1 & 3 in 1

    8 for a pound in err ..... Pound world /land
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    Which one ?

    Cheers guys Was thinking of going for the wider option , think I will try the TW TA
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    Which one ?

    Hi all Time to upgrade the hammock but which one , I can't afford a Hennesey so I won't even bring that into question . It's either. DD FRONTLINE OR TW GREEN HORNET Cheers guys
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    anyone elce going to be camping this weekend?

    Yep , out tonight with me boys , have a good un . Cheers
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    Good Friday night out

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    Good Friday night out

    [/URL][/IMG]Hi all A few pics of me and my boys (6+ 18 ) hanging on Good Friday. I was testing 2 DIY under blankets , 1 from a US army poncho liner for the youngest ( no sew job off HF ) And a Snugpak Harrier modded sleeping bag bought on here but with a few tweaks of my own . This is the...
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    The kit gathering forum

    Everything in the back of my works van , no room in the house , need to move.
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    (MLL Knives) X55CrMo14 stainless AMAZON KNIFE - micarta handle

    I seriously need to save up , this one is calling me . Great looking knife
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    2013 DD Group Buy :)

    Payment sent Thanks
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    Prices of knives

    Thanks for all the input I look at some of the knives made by hand on this forum in awe and wonder and I also drool sometimes .The skills of people are amazing , I myself have not got the skill set to make my own , or the space,time etc . Yes I would love to own a lovingly crafted knife but...