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    Polish army tent - Lavvu on a budget ?

    It seems counter-intuitive at first, but when you pitch these as a tent, the "shoulder flap" goes on in the IN side. That keeps the rain from coming in the armholes. And the fringe benefit is that the adjustment loop is a great place to hang a candle lantern. Glad to see this old thread...
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    a firearms law Q

    It's been my experience that inviting the authorities into your life is almost never a wise move. Either minding one's own business or handling the situation yourself is usually the better option.
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    Nice Whitetail after eight days of hunting:

    A Kimber .308 bolt-action with a Zeiss 4X scope.
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    Nice Whitetail after eight days of hunting:

    I am going to have a shoulder mount done. I almost always just do skull-mounts, but this is the best deer I've ever killed.
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    Nice Whitetail after eight days of hunting:

    Persistance paid off. It was very cold and windy. Spotted movement in some small cedars. Identified it as a deer, then a large deer, then a buck, and then a BIG buck. He was ghosting along, and I lost sight of him every time he stopped. Finally he stuck his head into an opening and a neck shot...
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    Curious about the Supershelter concept.

    I bought some military surplus "casualty blankets", they're green on one side and reflective on the other, with grommets in the corners. I've seen rolls of quilted reflective insulation about 1/4" thick at hardware stores that I bet would work even better.
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    Curious about the Supershelter concept.

    There's no reason you couldn't make one partially of debris, but I'd make sure it was green debris or you'd be likely to go up in flames. I made one last winter using half of a pup tent pitched as a lean-to, a mylar blanket and a clear shower curtain. It worked surprisingly well, and I'm...
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    Heads up on Swedish gas mask bags

    During WWII, Sweden thought Germany was going to invade, and went into high production on excellent quality military equipment. Much of it was recently sold as surplus. One of the best bits was gas mask bags made of heavy canvas with leather bottoms. I bought some online some time ago, but they...
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    Traditional kit - Ground Insulation.

    Here in North America, Indians and frontiersmen routinely made journeys of almost incomprehensible distances. I suspect that Europeans did much the same until the Medieval feudal system put an end to doing anything without the permission of lords and priests.
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    Tent stove draw and position

    I've had both, and I much prefer a vertical stove pipe. It's easier to set up, eliminates the elbow(s) in the pipe, puts the stove in the center of the tent, and draws better.
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    What's your profession??

    Leathersmith Park Ranger Tiler ( wall and floor ) Floorlayer / carpet fitter Outdoor Instructor Teacher / Outdoor Instructor Joiner Unemployed Surveyor Clerical (for local authority) Retail for almost two decades, Nursing for two decades (best job in the world and I mean that). Aerospace...
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    Firebulding practice in inclement weather

    That last link is especially good.
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    LONGEST SHOT EVER ON BcUK !! Steger Mukluks, US 11

    I don't have Stegers that will fit you, but I have an opinion that might be helpful. Stegers are warm in DRY cold, but they get wet very easily. All it takes is getting in your car and melting the snow on them. They are also constructed so that the left and right feet are exactly the same, so...
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    Firebulding practice in inclement weather

    Today is a day made for hypothermia, just above freezing and raining fairly hard. There's a foot of slushy snow on the ground. Since the paradox of fire is that the more you need one the more difficult it is to build, I figured I'd take a hike and practice. I took a small tarp, a knife, a...
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    Global warming: when????

    Here at 43° north latitude, it's raining hard at the moment. Temps are predicted to go to -17°C tomorrow, though. According to NASA, November 2013 was the globe's warmest November since records began in 1880, and the 345th consecutive month with global temperatures warmer than the 20th century...