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    The load out- a guide and example (pic heavy)

    Hence you carry at least one on your person, and if it's that cold, you carry two. My jet lighter is not an electric lighter. It uses a piezo for ignition. Yes, hence my use of it to light my stoves. However, to light a fire, it's not enough to just get some sparks. You need tinder and whatnot...
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    The load out- a guide and example (pic heavy)

    Shouldn't three lighters and some dry paper do the trick? Yes, I do carry a fire striker, but more because I use it light my stove(s) than anything else. I also carry three-five small non-refillable lighters as well as a jet lighter (I smoke hand rolled cigarettes - a working lighter is a must).
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    I want a better looking version of this homemade knife. Damascus would be nice ...

    Not to sound too ungrateful, but the hatchet is, well, a hatchet (lol), and the Grohmann knife is almost the exact opposite of what I tried to acheive in my own: It has a long blade, it's very, very pointy, the center of the handle doesn't coincide with the tip, the sharp edge is curved, rather...
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    I want a better looking version of this homemade knife. Damascus would be nice ...

    Thanks, The bow legged joe seems like a fun knife, but it's rather small (it's a neck knife), but the cleaver sargey posted might be something. Of course, I'd need to grind off the sharp front, but it might actually work. I'm not so fond of the individual finger "grooves", though. Things like...
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    You are what you eat...

    I didn't know Nigella was 50! I thought she was around my age (late thirties). Hmm ...
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    tarping at campsites

    Personally I wouldn't be tarping or bivvying at a campsite. It's simply too easy for people to wander of with your stuff unseen, and it provides very little privacy. Besides that, I like my tent(s).
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    knives and how many

    A few: An old Leatherman Micra An old Victorinox "Swiss Tool" A homemade boat- and camping knife A knife for eating (as in "food utensil") A kitchen knife with a sheath for those outings where I feel it would be nicer to have a dedicated one for kitchen duty (i.e. picnics with someone special)...
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    Who's waiting for a Pipedream ?

    I use a silk liner from, and I also have a thin wool blanket I often use as a bed spread on top of my 9cm downmat. I guess I could use it inside the sleeping bag in a pinch. What's nice about the wool is that if I move about, it's still warm were I place my feet and...
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    *sigh* Which axe?

    No problem :) The standard blades was very high on my "want" list because I llive in Denmark, and purchasing saw blades from another country seems over the top. Another reason I decided on that one is that it has the same clearance the entire length of the blade. It's not triangular like,say...
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    Lets see your Shotgun

    Man, that wood is beautiful!
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    Lets see your Shotgun

    Thanks. I tried searching for "Bacle shotgun", and google went "Do you mean cable shotgun" and showed results for cables for shotgun microphones, lol.
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    Lets see your Shotgun

    LOL, can you give me some links to those. I more or less understood "under/over", "semi auto" and "single barrel", but that's about it :o
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    Best way to turn the edge of a cut can?

    Why not use some sand paper or even one of those steel sponges/scrubbers? Or perhaps it's possible to hammer it. Or another option would be to fold just a little bit, and then fold a wider bit (I'm thinking, first fold, say, 2mm, then fold 10-12mm). The extra material would lend more to...
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    *sigh* Which axe?

    Especially the Japanese saws where you pull, rather than push.