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    Orvis Soft Leather Waistcoat

    pm sent :)
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    Ray Mears' New Book

    how do you carve a `kindle` out in the bush ?? :)
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    Odd request re: valves

    would the vacuum valves of these not be adapted in some way ??
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    Fly Tying - Jay wings

    could i have the right hand one please , ??
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    Air rifle bipod

    i will take it if didicoy passes on it ;)
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    Considering living off the grid.

    Most everything we `purchase `in the UK has a tax on it that goes to pay for health care etc . so yea he has contributed to the (his) health care system !!
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    Damage to bow

    dont worry about it ,its not structural , bit of wood filler should sort it
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    Considering living off the grid.

    has he considered fitting solar panels to his roof ?? my mate gets a nice cheque every month from the `grid` for the electricity he generates , living off the grid in town and getting paid for it :) :) win win :)
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    Nailed oak hearth tinderbox

    very nice ;) just had to pay £70 for 10 ft of through cut dressed 6x1 oak :(
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    Friday night disco time!

    chilling to 50 years of the best :cool:
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    wind chimes ??
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    Issue gortex bivvi bag

    arrived today, all good ,thanks for the bonus tipple ;) :) :)
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    Issue gortex bivvi bag

    pm sent ;)
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    Yorkshire passed by a few times but not camped at the pub , but am sure they are a good few spots around the area to lose yourselves ;) ;) have a good un :)
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    Crosscut Saw Fans

    if you cut a piece of 40mm plastic waste pipe down the length on one side it should clamp on the blade and cover the teeth !! :)