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    Identification Required.

    You could try putting it on reddit, more people to look at it on there
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    I have a Muntjac

    I do hope your neighbours garden has a gentle slope towards the house and gets slightly damp with each shower
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    Identification Required.

    בנק לאומי National Bank
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    Sea fishing online stores

    Thanks for the suggestions, I went with ebay in the end, distinct lack of stock in most of the stores above
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    Sea fishing online stores

    I'm going on holiday soon to southern Scotland and I thought I would have a dangle while I'm there Now I haven't wet a line in at least 10 years so I figured I better chuck whatever is on my reels and start afresh. So I'm trying to find a decent online fishing store, all the one's I've looked...
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    Waterproofing parcel string

    I've looked on a couple of uk chandler websites, is this the stuff you mean? Can't find any other cord when I search for "tarred", and "seine" just come up with maps
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    Big Cat News

    I remember searching for ages to find a feline skull with a crest to match that one
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    The old Britishblades forum

    Yes, images embedded, where would you like me to send them?
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    The old Britishblades forum

    I grabbed a load of the "how to" articles a while back, have them in MS Word format, if they're any good to anyone just shout and I can email them out
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    The old Britishblades forum

    He makes the odd appearance on the EMCCU facebook page
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    Does anyone recognise this pot?

    It can't work as a pressure cooker if you have to remove the lid before it's hot
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    COMPETITION - Win a Leather Bound Field/Note Book - We Have a Winner!

    Notebook arrived this morning, it's even nicer in person :) Thanks again
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    Rosemary Infused Groundnut or Sunflower oil

    Be careful with garlic infused oil, it can cause botulism,or%20smell%20of%20the%20oil.
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    Mid-Length Boot ?

    Doc Marten Atend and Skelton are good, if you can still find them, I believe they've been discontinued