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    Covering Note.

    Nothing on google and those stores don't exist outside of continental America, not many plastic window screens here either
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    Covering Note.

    These sound useful, where can I order them?
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    Covid 2nd jab

    I live about as far from the sea as you can get in England, we're in the 2nd highest category, same as Newquay, not touristy here at all
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    The "What is this bug?" thread

    It wont link for some reason, I give up, not worth the hassle
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    The "What is this bug?" thread

    Sorry I didn't realise there were limitations on it, I'll upload it to my own webspace when I find the password :-)
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    The "What is this bug?" thread

    Some sort of moth?
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    Commuting - How far?

    My commute is, or would be if I could drive, 43 miles door to door. As I need to use public transport it takes me 3 hours each way. Luckily I can work from home
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    Gabardine Jacket Query

    Another vote for the Särmä Windproof Smock, but not if your heart really is set on 100% cotton. Varusteleka know their stuff and wouldn't choose polycotton if it was no good.
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    Military Jacket.

    Not seen it but I would guess an M4 with the optional fur collar
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    Any serious Airsofters here?

    Used to be but haven't bothered for about 10 years, too many call-of-duty types
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    Shelter building

    One has to wonder what the neds are doing on private land?
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    MOLLE Pouch for Mess Kit?

    I believe the osprey pouch is the one for just the mess kit mess kit and ration pack you want the bigger one
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    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    Shiny bargain for all you Jamies, torch and lantern/nightlight thingy for £51.97 (I do have a referral link but I'll not post it here, if you want to sign up and help me get points just ask, but absolutely no pressure)
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    Tung oil

    Tung oil is a minefield Here's what Stumpy Nubs has to say on the subject