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    UK Wildflower ID Book - Recommendations please

    yes photos beat drawings/paintings every time for field ID
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    Advice while looking for a respectable hat

    I prefer disreputable hats - got a large collection - they help me blend in rather than look :cool:
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    Wild Australia with Ray Mears series

    the only reservation I have about RM is his lack of fitness - his size suggests more restaurants than wood-ants...
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    What does Bushcraft mean to you?

    I was born in Oz so bushcraft = survival in the bush, admiration for the exploited and abused indigenous peoples and their ancient culture, plus family memories. In Scotland now, it means enjoying, understanding, and responsibly exploiting the the landscape, earth, water, flora, fauna, and...
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    Spotting scope advice.

    if you have a camera lens you can buy a converter that turns it into a spotting scope - also vintage manual zooms are readily available cheaply in charity shops, at boot sales, & on ebay. eg I got a monocular converter for my Nikon lenses for £40...
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    Buying land?

    that's not a rant - that's factual.
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    Buying land?

    sounds good to me, Robson! But you'll have a good pension - when you say professor, is that teacher as in France, or head of Uni/College department?
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    Buying land?

    so computers = on grid? laptops can easily be run/charged off a small wind/water generator - I suppose internet providers = external services
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    Battery powered microwave oven...

    power inverter off the car battery/cigar socket
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    Back to the sixties, the nostalgic Oliver Kite.

    "The 50s and 60s were the golden age for muscle cars for ordinary people." and DIY souping up standard motors - remember Hot Car magazine? My Ford Popular, £6 from a rural garage, had: a Ford 8 head so needed 4*petrol lol, a bananas exhaust into a straight-through "silencer", a converted...
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    Back to the sixties, the nostalgic Oliver Kite.

    same in Scotland mate.
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    SJ4000 camera

    there are many good digicam sites - I suggest you google there
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    Back to the sixties, the nostalgic Oliver Kite.

    "The class system if anything has become worse" so many Scots want independence because of: - schemes like the community buy-outs - the un/elected posh-boy system at westminster - the 3 main political party lies called "the vow"