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    Sharpening - some tips I've compiled

    Its really hard to write an article on sharpening knives as there are a good few ways of getting the desired result, and each have very specific technique. There is plenty of confusion between the techniques and not helped by conflicting advice. Its all about using an abrasive to take metal...
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    Smock question.

    I have 8m of this: They do these smocks and trousers but they are very voluminous to go over extreme cold insulated clothing. I have a set and a full Snugpak Ebony jacket suit hardly fills them. For...
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    Smock question.

    I'm still looking for someone to make me up a couple of SAS smocks, have the snow camo material. At some point I will have to hunt someone down, just a bit busy this moment in time. Shout if interested/can do/game on. Happy to pay a bit, or do a swop, but hobby, for the fun of it, terms...
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    Anyone able to make a SAS smock up from a bolt of cloth?

    I have some originals, 70's and 80's. I also have a ventile DPM one that came out of a black bin liner for £50, like all the best kit did in those days :cool: An OG one thats ok but not the finest gaberdine. Sourced a MTP cotton one the other week just because... Most of my service the issue...
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    Anyone able to make a SAS smock up from a bolt of cloth?

    Thanks for that. Trouble is the pattern is quite convoluted and probably needs a pattern. Its a long shot but maybe someones been doing them for years???? Or doing them now???
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    Fairbairn Sykes recommendations

    I have a Nowill one with Crow's foot. Make good letter openers, and thats about it. They were issued to troops in WWII as "Survival Knives", but in truth GB was in survival mode and they were cheap to make. Moral booster. Thousands were dropped to resistance groups, and the fear factor was...
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    Anyone able to make a SAS smock up from a bolt of cloth?

    Now the SASS company is no longer, is there anyone out there who either worked for the company or has the pattern to make a few up? Someone must still do them in the UK as I am sure not all production has gone to China. I have some fabric, and can, might, get some more, but its getting someone...
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    Best way to clean light rust on a knife blade.....

    This^ Or Toothpast, or and chrome polish. If bad then scotchbrite, if that fails then wet and dry but you will be taking real steel off and any tumble finish. Use a good oil, anti rust oil, when cleaning. Wax after use if being stored for any length of time. If its a user knife then mine get...
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    You would need a good reason to have it in a public place because it is a fixed blade. Being concealed probably a very good reason. I know Paracord bracelets are all the rage but really what is the use of them? They get wet and soggy and hold dirt and all kinds of yuck. Worse than a watch...
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    Dave Budd knife course - review

    Doesn't get better than that. Well maybe with a few more years under your belt. Your first knife made by you; original and priceless..
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    Silky Nata

    A 2lbs cutting bar. Used in the same way as a billhook. Double edged as Japanese generally prefer single edge. You should like it. This style comes is various sizes and weights and has a lot of utility if a bit specialised. Used on the right material and with skill they are excellent...
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    Bargain!!! Wetterlings Small Axe

    Very possibly true. The companies had different marketing strategies. Wetterlings are the right price for a premium work too, and GB a super premium. There are other good makers of axes, Italy, Germany, don't think anyone makes axes in the UK any more though happy to be proved wrong?? Some...
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    Recommendations for someone to modify knife

    KnifeEater, forgot to answer your question. To take your knife down to a sensible size, weight, and grind, someone is going to have to take a whole lot of metal off. As its been tempered its on the hard side so in truth a basic fresh start. Almost easier to start with a billet of steel...
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    Recommendations for someone to modify knife

    Buy a Skrama, it will do all your camp and pole work; they are back in stock. Get the leather sheath or a British Army Bayonet Frog off the bay for £4. Use a Silky Saw to cut logs. Small Forest Axe if you must, but they are pretty specialised. Good tools don't have to cost a bomb. You have...
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    Knife Advice

    What I use as my hunting gralloch knife, what I use for prepping game, what I use for camp and bushcraft, and what I use for survival, are all very different styles of build. A Survival knife makes a dogs dinner at game prep. A hunting knife isn't robust enough for survival. Both can do it but...