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    I spotted a bargain :)

    Thanks for sharing Toddy. That's a Christmas bargain!
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    Epic Rohan Pampas?

    I have one and agree with Broch. Very comfortable windproof with shower resistant capabilities and very fast drying. Similar to a military smock. In the hills however I would always take a waterproof.
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    Thin buffalo top - anything from other brands too?

    I've had the marmot driclime and montane extreme smock for some years. Don't discount the driclime because of the sleeves. It is incredibly warm for such a light and thin garment. Ideal if you are on the move as it wicks really well. I use it three seasons with the montane only used in deep...
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    New Alox... Farmer X.

    Available to order from today...
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    Happy online miserable in physical world

    Interesting to get experiences from around the country. We were forced to visit ASDA yesterday. To maintain safe distance the queue to enter the store was 500m long as they are controlling how many customers are in store at any one time. Due to how effective their organisation was we were in...
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    Swedish M90 Cold Weather Parka

    I have the M90, an old army 'softie' and a rab generator primaloft. My subjective view is the 'softie' is the warmest but if weight is an issue a modern primaloft or g-loft jacket is the better option. The only advantage of the M90 I have found is it gives more coverage as it is much longer in...
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    Finished waxing my sack

    I knew it would happen eventually........Clickbait arrives in Bushcraft UK!!
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    Swedish day pack

    I'm resurrecting this thread as I have found a source of these bags which I thought may be of interest to some people here. I received mine today and can report it is brand new and a great example of a simple and rugged day sack. I have no connection to the seller...
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    10 books to read before you kick the bucket

    A book for everyone who enjoys woodland and being in nature - "Cache Lake Country" by John J Rowlands.
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    Really enjoyed the blog post. Look forward to future posts, especially a review of your new pack!
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    Danner boots

    Another very satisfied owner of Danner Arcadias. Comfortable, tough, with a hard wearing sole. They are very expensive when compared to earlier suggested great brands. If you are interested in Danners check out Matterhorn boots on ebay etc. Have several pairs and would rate them as good as...
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    Folding spade trench tool suggestions

    If you need to carry it any distance or size was a factor I can recommend one of these: Well made and sharp. Good for cutting roots etc.
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    Which bag/pouch for Swedish Army Trangia Cooker?

    British Army respirator bag. They come in camo, green and black. Big enough for SAT and other brew kit. Usually available for £5-£12.
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    Gear made in Europe and the UK.

    Rucksack manufacturer in the UK. Great to deal with and their bags are very tough.