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    Sold Osprey Transporter Global Carry-On 36 (travel duffel / suitcase)

    Osprey Transporter Global Carry-On 36 Product page: Colour: Black Description: 36L (though I'd guess more, as Osprey always tends to underestimate capacity) duffle bag that fillets open like a suitcase, giving...
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    Sold Mystery ranch Booty bag

    Link: Colour is ‘Forest’, which is like an olive drab. Lightweight (400 grams) but robust tote bag, with a padded back and shoulder straps in 500D cordura, that carries as a pack. Packs down...
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    Sold Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel

    Anyone at £85
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    Autumn Gloves?

    The merino possum fingerless gloves from Ray Mears store have been my go-to for a long time. I''m on my second pair, only after I lost my first (which promptly re-emerged in my winter kit). I've tried a few touch screen compatible gloves but always found them a little ham-fisted for my...
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    Is it stil worth carrying a compass?

    A couple of years or two back I did a guided solstice mountain walk with a group. The leader was ML , a senior member of the local mountain rescue and sounded relatively accomplished. I was quite surprised when he said he nearly always used the electronic kit and 'they all had a subscription...
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    Sold Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel

    1000D Cordura (not the TPU or wax). the US site has it
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    Sold Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel

    Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel bag Product page here: Colour is 'Shadow' / dark grey (not shown at the link above). Size is "40 Litres' though I think that's a conservative estimate, with dimensional volume placing it closer to...
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    Sold Wotancraft Rebel, lightweight daypack (olive)

    Wotancraft Rebel, lightweight pack in their olive green canvas (which is actually 500d coated cordura). Product page here: To add my own input, as always: The material isn't 'canvas' as such, it's a 500d Cordura that...
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    Sold Bergans of Norway, LANGEVANN HIP PACK SILENT 11L - New

    Bergan's hip bag in the green Loden silent fabric. I can't find a product page for this on the Bergan's site, so summary of features: - Waterbottle pocket on each side (these fit a Nalgene 1L Oasis Canteen water bottle very nicely) - Compression straps on each side - Aluminium stay...
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    For Sale Haglofs Tight Original XXS Lumbar Pack

    If you pick it up it would be a good way to feel 15 years younger ;)
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    Sold Flowfold Optimist 10L Xpac backpack

    Lets try this at £55 posted to UK.