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    The TiPi's nearly finished! It's up! (PICS)

    Very Nice. Cheers MB
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    Strikers. (I'll never learn.)

    Mine arrrived yesterday. Many thanks for all your work here ged
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    2000 post random number competiton

    He's probably watching it at half speed , on "pause live tv" , just to add to the suspence :lmao:
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    Can Anyone ID this snake?

    One quick trip to wikipedia later ... :)
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    2000 post random number competiton

    3 - udamiano 9 - hiho 13 - nunzionuk 16 - bushcraftmyway 19 -Ron 42 - Southey 54 - John Fenna 69 - lou1661 101 -AndyJDickson 128 - Pignut 479- turbogirl 500 - Mskiba 502 - Chris_Irwin 616 - winst0nsmith 666 - Resnikov 717 - tartanferret 774 - shewie 863 - DaveBromley 888 - Ged 889 - BR 1273 -...
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    Land registration tips?? help needed but I think it shuts down on sunday and overnight 12-7am , You can point on a map for details, you do have to pay for details though, I've only use it for property, though I'm sure you can get details about land as well. MB
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    So is Mr Mears on the forum?

    No No No , you've got the wrong forum , shouldn't that be ConspiracyCraftUK :rofl:
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    veggy and spicy

    found this link with a price , no afiliation etc ...
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    So is Mr Mears on the forum?

    What are you insinuating Biker ? :swordfigh
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    New Issue Sleeping Bag

    It's a nice comfortable bag, I bought one last year as i wanted a centre zip bag. I found it very warm. I agree with the comments about the zip and have found it quite sticky when fully zipped up ,however most of the time i've used it i havent had it fully zipped up. I think it has gone up...
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    Canada flights help please :)

    No, normally more expensive !
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    An important lesson learnt after making my first spoon

    Nice work , as others have said , awaiting thread "My Second Spoon (with long handle)" Cheers MB
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    You know you a Bushcrafter when on BushCraft USA

    Thanks, could waste many an hour
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    Strikers. (I'll never learn.)

    Ok I'm probably being very thick here but how does one pay the paypal fees on the "buy goods" so that Ged actually gets the right amount of money, not an amount with fees deducted. Cheers MikeyBear
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    Strikers. (I'll never learn.)

    Details Sent