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    Bushcrafting 37 years ago revisited!...

    Thanks Ivan Your tale is wonderful and reminded me of my own youth and the passing of my father when I was 15. Will need to get in touch and try to spend a camp weekend together. Will tell you my tale then. And yes it left me with a few tears or maybe it was just some dust. Good luck buddy and...
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    Large Mysterious Fish Eats Duck (not for the feint if heart)

    I really thought I was going to see a nice large mouth bass.
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    Large Mysterious Fish Eats Duck (not for the feint if heart)

    Nearly thru my laptop off my lap. I showed it to my wife she now hates you and me:lmao:
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    Good camouflage or what ?

    And I thought it was Bugs Bunny Dats all folks.
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    Five days in the backcountry

    Beautiful Would love to do something like that. Can not wait to see more pictures.
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    Need a little favour. Anyone got a DC3 stone to hand?

    Here it is in millimeters 25x75x7. I just bought one off fleabay. James
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    A belt, a key case, a sheath

    nice job. looks great.
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    A little re-vamp

    A knife with your personality I like very much. James
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    Thanks and cheers to all that are here!

    Oh and welcome aboard. Sorry about my poor manners. James
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    Thanks and cheers to all that are here!

    This is a great site the idiots get sent packing pritty quick.
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    Multi fuel Stoves such as MSR Dragonfly and MSR XGK

    Or you have to much fuel in it. liquid doesnt compress so less fuel means more compressable air volume.
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    What's your favourite trick, cheat or adaptation?

    As I smoke and use a Zippo lighter. I carry a can of Zippo lighter fluid. It is made of naptha a low grade petrol. Is great for cleaning and removing stickey stuff like tape residue. It is also use in dry cleaning clothing as it wont remove most colors from clothing. I have used it many times to...
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    How do you keep cool?

    Unfortunatly most homes over here dont have AC. And are made of brick or stone that heats up and holds the heat for a long time great for winter but sucks when the sun hits it all day. We are getting temps in the high 80s low 90s during the day and upper 60s at night. As a Florida boy I am very...
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    Boiled Peanuts

    Man do I miss my roadside stop for boiled goober peas. Toddy The venders who sell the boiled peanuts buy the by the bushell and by not pealing the can sell them for under $5.00 a quart and some of the juice/flavor stays in the shell. When you bur the the vender puts them in a quart plastic bag...
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    Help Squirrel!!!!

    When I lived in Florida I would have to clean and soak the squirrels over night in salt water to help draw the tannins out or the meat would taste very bitter. Not sure if it is the same over here. I made a stew out of squirrel and rabbit without the soak and the rabbit was tasty but the sqirrel...