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    Knife weight - preferences, light or heavy?

    What John Fenna says just about hits the nail on the head for me. My mood and the task at hand has a big effect on which knife I reach for. While I love my Woodlore, it really tends to be a quite old Mora Clipper for a lot of jobs. I wouldn't want to part with either, nor many of the others in...
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    RIP Prince Philip.

    My favourite of the Royal family. May he rest in peace.
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    Maintaining carbon steel knife

    Silicone oil is good on the external surfaces of air rifle, but is not suitable for pivot points or moving parts. In fact the use of silicone oil would invalidate the warranty of Theoben rifles.
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    YouTube lock down boredom

    Morakniv and Jogge Sundkvist have done an excellent series on knife grips and carving, well worth a look, as is Dave Canterbury's knot clinic. Rob Evans has a good channel too.
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    Bow Saw Tension

    When I did my mechanical engineering apprenticeship we were taught to always release the tension on out hacksaws when not in use.
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    One knife or different knives for different occasions?

    I usually edc a SAK, usually a Huntsman or Farmer. Sometimes I'll go for a Sheffield made lamb foot, but usually when I do that I end up needing one of the tools on the SAK. Round the yard at home, or in the woods (with permission) I take whatever fixed blade I fancy. Dave
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    Old West Firearm question

    I seem to remember reading a comparison of old west "muzzle loading" revolvers, what most shooters refer to today as cap & ball. A .44 Colt Dragoon came out about the same muzzle energy as a .38 Special +P. Having fired all sorts of these back in my pistol shooting days, I wouldn't doubt their...
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    Unless you're quite experienced, I would advise you not to get a double sided hook knife. Yes, they do have some advantages in choices of cut, but I've found it awkward when working to avoid the second edge when pushing through some cuts. Mine is still double sided, but I've replaced the handle...
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    Waiting to flood

    No flood related problems for me, I also live on a hill. That said, this year I have seen water in local places where I've never seen it before. I blame the new housing developments and solar farms springing up all over the pace. Glad to hear the waters are subsiding Tony. Dave
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    Candle recommendations

    I don't know anything about candle lanterns, but we like candles around the house for a bit of atmosphere. We've recently been using the stearin candles from Ikea. Good long burn time, very little smoke and no wax spill. Apparently they are theoretically edible, but I've not tried! Dave.
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    What are the best non-store bought tinders

    The above advice is all good. I would suggest whichever of it you take you need to spend lots of time practicing with the Ferro rod, to the extent you should be looking at wearing one out just practicing - don't worry, it's quite good fun once you get over the initial frustration! If you look on...
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    Mora 120 alternative

    Try looking on Etsy, all sorts on there.
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    Thoughts on making own pry bar/digging tool/splitter

    Yes, I bought it a few months before the "Challenger" tragedy. Still one of my favourites.
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    Thoughts on making own pry bar/digging tool/splitter

    I know, I have the model they were issued with, an "Astronaut" would you believe.
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    Thoughts on making own pry bar/digging tool/splitter

    You never know when you might have to force a door open on the Enterprise!