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    Tinker's folder

    That's fantastic. I like that a lot, can I ask what are the dimensions?
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    Silky Nata

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts on this as I've almost took the plunge myself on this several times :D. Even had a play with one at a Silky trade stall last year, just the price was slightly unnerving. I've been using a straight edged bill hook for years and the kids love using/batoning a...
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    New bushcrafter.

    Congratulations to you all :D
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    Needle case (Mary Rose style)

    Excellent work, thanks again
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    Needle case (Mary Rose style)

    Really nice work, looking forward to seeing it all finished. In fact you've just inspired me to have a go myself, I know I've got some hazel floating around (even if I have to do a stopper at both ends because of the pith)��
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    Helloooooo from Tandy!

    Hi and welcome to the campfire. Have to say a huge thanks again for the help and tips on the leather carving (feather), you were both absolute gents and I was very greatful for the time :D
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    Bushmoot Tacos

    The tacos at the moot group meal are called Navajo Tacos or sometimes Frybread Tacos. I'm afraid I can't help with Shelly's secret recipe but if you google either of the above names you'll get some recipes to start you off on your culinary journey ��
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    Svante dvarj axe advice wanted

    Great news on the Sloyd axe. Look forward to your impressions when it arrives. You can never have to many axes ;)
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    Leather lace up sandals

    I really like the look of these :D, but if possible could you show a pic of the under side of the sole. I'm guessing flat leather or have you put something else on the bottom
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    An introduction - and an offer!!

    Welcome to the campfire. Great offer
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    Svante dvarj axe advice wanted

    I should of added on one of the heads I trimmed down a GB faceted carving axe handle I had floating around, so if your happy with the shape of the GB carving handle that's an option too.
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    Svante dvarj axe advice wanted

    A friend has a Svante Little Viking that I've used on and off over the years which I absolutely love and covet, great handle head shape holds an edge well and great to carve with (though I think he's altered the bevels slightly), the only problem I found was when I started to look into getting...
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    Ray mears in basingstoke

    'sprouts.....i don't even know if theyre edible''.....lololol! They are brother, I love them, though fully aware that might not be recommendation enough ��. And couldn't have put it better, a great evening, in great company, with great family/friends