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    Washing with limited water

    ..... Teeth, hair, face, feet, pits, parts, ****, pants .....
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    Five most usefull knots for Bushcraft.

    "Surrey Six", designed for manmade rather than natural cordage.
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    Fire pit from a washing machine drum

    Burns wood fast though, lots of airflow. Take the belt wheel off and reverse it, hey presto a stand, no need to source legs. Not all drums are the same, some have plastic agitators that are a pain to remove. Hmm, thought this sounded familiar, it's in the other thread.
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    Reduced price gas lanterns

    Google some reviews then ask, if they're any good, why are they selling them that cheap? (Buy nice or buy twice)
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    Newbie Tarp setup! Advice needed!

    I prefer constrictor to clove hitch, depending on use. Google "Surrey six" for a neat backpocket teach-in.
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    Look what I found

    Yep, Lidl £4 ish.
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    Recycling old washing machines...

    Some observations, having done several: It's easy to do Never had to make a stand, just take the drive wheel off the axle, and bolt it back on the other way around Some drums are easy to get out, others difficult, one I gave up as it was not worth the effort Some drums have plastic bits...
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    Health and safety

    Not so, it's a myth see here. :)
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    CANVAS waist pack

    Search ebay for "bum bag" more choices than you can shake a stick at.
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    5m Bell Tent pole

    Or get R L Trim to turn you up something. They're pretty obliging and swift. (No connection, just a happy customer)
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    A female bushcraft Facebook group

    ...or think vajazzle ....
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    Heavy duty plastic storage boxes

    Solent plastics do fast service too.
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    Vintage Parker 51 Fountain Pen

    Yes please, you have mail.
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    Anyone have an alternative to Gearpods?

    ...or try: or (no connection)
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    Which DD tarp

    DD XL gives plenty of options for set up in all weathers for both solo ground dwelling and with family. My preference, anyway.