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    Bushmoot 2016

    Just got home from the moot so thought I'd pop a few pics up. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the whole event, but everyone has been having a blast. I'm sure many more will be forthcoming as people return from the fun.
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    Bushmoot 2016 - Who's going this year?

    Cheers boys It'll be good to be back
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    Your picture of the day...

    When the tactical support group help you to catch an angry peacock at work
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    Bushmoot 2016 - Who's going this year?

    I may pop in for a bit
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    Knives breaking

    Only broke the tip of the non serrated knife on the original leatherman supertool... Misuse trying to widen a hole on some aluminium.... Whole tool replaced by Leatherman
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    Get your beards out for the girls

    Hehehehe excellent
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    Get your beards out for the girls

    fear the beard
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    The Jukebox
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    The Jukebox
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    The Jukebox
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    The Jukebox Bit of red neckery for ya
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    The Jukebox
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    The Jukebox

    Here is one of my faves:
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    Drew Dunn "Respect" memorial bookmarks. Do you read??

    Hi guys For those who knew Drew, His parents have had some memorial bookmarks made in his memory: I have received this from Jean and Phil: Hi Dave We have had book marks made in memory of Andrew, We would like to send one to anyone in BCUK who would like one. We wondered if you could possibly...
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    What's your Dog?

    This is "Frodo" our Newfie cross