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    air rifles hunting in the uk

    I have a local farm that let me hunt and also camp there. Alot of farmers will be glad of the help but they need to know your not going to mess around on their land. All you can do is ask nicely. At the end of the day rabbits and squirrels are pests and they want them gone so they would be silly...
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    Get Together in Cornwall -- February

    I saw that smarvell said about a beachcaster for fishing, the area around the lake is pretty cramped. I would advise against bringing a rod longer than about 7ft as i don't think you will be able to use it but feel free to give it a try. As for the fish i know there are Perch of all sizes and...
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    Get Together in Cornwall -- February

    It's gonna be a good weekend
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    Knife Making Video

    I am working with nightwalker to make up some of the gear needed to make our own knives. it's great making it ourselves. cheers
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    Sharpening a machete

    Thanks for the advice i'll have to give it a try
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    Sharpening a machete

    I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to sharpen a machete?????