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  • Hi all,
    Not been around for a while through work commitments and been on other more specialist forums like wild about britain. I have also been working on a research proposal for studying deer which I have just sent off to the forestry commission. Hopefully that will be accepted.

    I have been doing a lot of reading on deer, plants, fungi etc so getting more knowledgeable. I think sometimes its worth skipping the woods and sitting down with a book so next time your eyes are a little more open to whats going on.

    Now back on here I want to meetup with people and get out a lot more so if anyone is interested please let me know.
    Sounds cool- wonder if anyone fancies a meet up for a snowy walk this weekend?
    Unless theres a kindly person with a big garden we cna come and whittle in - i dont think my flat would be upto it!


    As an aside if i get any green wood is anyone interested in some small quantities i know its not ideal right now, but got some alder the other day that seems to be carving ok.
    PM me.

    I am interested in woodlands as a whole, from the mosses and lichens right through to trees. I am really interested in wild food, planning a perennial herb and veg garden. I would like to do more bushcraft but permission and access is a problem.

    My main focus at the moment is learning about deer. I am putting together a study plan fora wood and if itgets the greenlight should have camping access.
    Hey there, another 'local'.
    Hope the festive season was good for you. What kinda things you into in the bushy world?
    I see your into tracking from some posts?
    I simply like being in woods do some green woodwork, spoons, bowls, knife handling (not green) bit of tracking etc.

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