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    Folding knife suggestions ?

    Really nice with both blades out. noticeably better
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    Folding knife suggestions ?

    I received the TBS wildcat this morning, a present to myself. The fit and finish is first class and the springs are as strong as any folder I've ever handled. Aesthetically it's lovely in the hand and it looks superb with the red liners nicely complimenting the dark Turkish Walnut. However it...
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    Everyday carry.

    I understand that this is a bit of fun mocking EDC but personally I carry a lot of stuff. I don't expect anyone to understand but I'm autistic and have severe social/general anxiety. Most of the stuff I carry is in a bag, but I do tend to carry a lot of stuff in my pockets. For me it's a comfort...
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    Folding knife suggestions ?

    I've bought from both bushcraft store and HH. I think both are excellent. I had a couple of problems with TBS knives that were sorted really quickly, I've never had a problem with Heinnie Haynes. I do think the Bushcraft Store do check their knives and finish them before they leave. With Heinnie...
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    Bush hat suggestions?

    I think I might try waxing my old Brazillian Tarp Hat. It was so cheap I'm not too bothered about ruining it.
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    Bush hat suggestions?

    That Filson Tin Cloth Bush Hat looks just the ticket if you could find one in the UK at the right size.
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    Lose your knife, lose your life!

    When I went on a school trip to Switzerland (16) I bought myself a very nice SAK not sure of the model but it had everthing I wanted plus loads more. It also had a locking blade. It went everywhere with me when I could carry it. 10 years later I was using it during my PhD studies when...
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    Bush hat suggestions?

    No where in particular, my father died so have been doing a lot of life admin. Hobbies tend to be the first things I give up when stressed. I'm back now though. :)
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    Bush hat suggestions?

    I have a Brazillian tarp hat, can't fault it really. The only thing is that I freely perspire which is noticeable whilst wearing it. But it keeps the sun and rain (up to a point) out of my eyes. I like the look of the Kangaroo Leather Barmah hats but have read mixed reviews. I'd love to hear if...
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    Feuerhand lanterns

    That's what I use.
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    Feuerhand lanterns

    I have one, I bought some premium indoor fuel for it. I use it in my bedroom in the evening because I like the natural light before bed. Not noticed any smell. I will take it camping but as mentioned more for ambience than brightness, theyre comparable to Uco candle laterns imho.
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    TBS knife?

    I've got the boar EDC, the boar and the grizzly. I think they are good value for what they are, they work and they look really good. I love the finish in the hand and the sheaths are nice. I do not regret buying them and they are lovely to use. The Grizzly in particular fits my large hand...
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    Trangia stove and Vango bio-ethanol runaway flames!

    I've been using EkoFuel bioethanol in my trangia and not had this problem. So maybe change the brand?
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    What did you buy today?

    I received my Amok Draumr XL hammock today, along with pad and tarp, (bought last summer at considerable discount). Raining here unfortunately so I have to wait to try it out. But initial impressions are it's a very well thought out and equally well made piece of kit. I'm a very happy camper.