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    Favourite bushcraft quotes

    On taking a friend on her first camping experience, she was unable to light a dispo-bbq (seriously) "You can't even make fire ***, we're gonna die!" Current fave "What would Ragnar Luthbrook do?" "If we still lived in caves I'd be the one that survived." (In response to being overweight)
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    First aid kit

    Thanks for this info goodjob I would add Anbesol oil or liquid, it's a very small bottle and contains lidocaine for any toothache/gum problems. Nothing worse than a sleepless night with toothache and the ibuprofen doesn't cut it, this should at least see you through until you can get to a dentist.
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    How to find out who owns the land

    :lmao: bravo
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    How to find out who owns the land

    Good question and one I've been thinking about. What if you end up literally in the middle of nowhere? No humans or their dwellings in sight *daydreams*
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    Does anyone have a clue what this thing is supposed to be?

    Shoplifter's security tag remover?
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    Hi all put the kettle on

    Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I'm really glad I found this site it is proving very useful :)
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    Hi all put the kettle on

    Same age as myself Bishop. Lost my Dad to an unexpected sudden heart attack. Last year lost a friend aged 44 the same way but at least he was living his dream in Norway. We're here for a good time not a long time, dedicated to squeezing every drop out of whatever life I have left!
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    Hi all put the kettle on

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I know it isn't going to be easy but I'm pretty sure it will be fun and worth it :)
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    Hi all put the kettle on

    Hi everyone hope you're all well, I'm planning to change my life in the next six months. I'm giving up my house and going to live in a tent. I plan to travel around the UK first then who knows where I could end up, would love to see Alaska. Just me and my dog, open spaces, fresh air and...