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  • Hey Guest, For sale we have Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteel PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information or use the Pay Now button in the sidebar
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    Citizen watches price drop

    Sorry to be dim but which watch is which. Is the image order the same as the description order? Thanks in advance.
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    Sold PRICE DROP Bison Bushcraft Yukon Vest XL

    Well, if I could, I certainly would take this off your hands. Have a bump in any case.
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    Sold Kifaru Urban Zippy

    PM coming.
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    Is this the commanders style or does it have the ammo pouches under the lid? If so, are you interested in a knife trade? Thanks
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    Sold Fjallraven hooded jacket

    Well I've heard nothing from you so I retract my interest in the jacket. Many thanks.
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    Sold Fjallraven hooded jacket

    Yes please for the Fjallraven Jacket. Please PM your details.
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    Sold Backpack Bonanza Two - A 'crash' of Kifaru's

    I'll have item 2 if it's not taken. Thanks.
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    Sold Kifaru pouches, job lot

    Thanks. Sorry to miss that .
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    Sold Kifaru pouches, job lot

    Yes please. Message me your details.
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    Up for sale is my Heritage Mini. Unused (has been tried on for fit and capacity check) but stored for a bit so brass has tarnished, etc. Check the images. I'm not going to be able to use it as planned and I'm downsizing so here's your chance . I'm asking £260 delivered in the UK. If little...
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    Wanted Frost River Isle Royale mini

    Are you still looking for a Mini? Thanks
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    Sold GB SCA & Wildlife Hatchet

    Thanks for letting me know. All the best.
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    Sold GB SCA & Wildlife Hatchet

    Sorry. Yes please for the Wildlife Hatchet. Doh! :)
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    Sold GB SCA & Wildlife Hatchet

    Yes please. Message your PayPal details . Thanks.