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  • Continued from below message..
    Sorry for the waffle on my system.. but I truly cant find anything else out there to buy!! Just the rubbish Grilliput that doesn't adjust, weighs a ton, and people have said buckles under heat!

    I've just found a guy who's used titanium rods.. so that's my next but too to lighten the weight!

    Ill keep you posted on anything I find.. in the mean time.. have a look at my blog every month or so!
    Continued from below message..
    Other modifications will also follow on minimising the grill and chains, making it as light as possible. For my current Bush needs, I prefer a larger grill as the one shown in the blog, but I am also going to make a smaller packed one for lightwieght trips. A smaller one makes more sense as most of the time people only require one item on the grill at a time, ie heating water! My thoughts were along the size to fit a Titan titanium pot on! As this is probably what most ultra-lightweight people use.. along with the Titan mug!

    Anyway.. Ill eventually have wieghts posted, and the method to make it (all items so far are brought from B&Q).. Its all quite simple, the main tricky bit is drilling the holes for the side of the grill!...

    Hope this helps, you dont necessarily need the wooden frame, you should be able to support it off of rocks too, so long as you can get it to hang over the flame and anchor the end wire down!...
    Hi Jonno, I bet you've got a little disheartened with your thread (iv stopped following it as people have now gone completely off topic from your original question, they are now talking about cancer!!??)

    Anyway, I've done a lot of looking around the web, trying to find a decent answer to the problem, and there doesn't seam to be much out there, specially on the lightwieght side of things! Thats why im coming up with my own design.. the 'Fire Crane Grill'. (I hope you've had a look at the current system, it was my first trial out in the Bush)

    Ill be updating the blog soonish as Ive modified the the wire support. (the entire support cord, with adjustibility now fits inside an 'O' ring!) Its as light/small as I think this part can be!...
    Saw you where looking at open fire grill systems last year, Ive been putting my own variable heat grill system together (prototype at mo!) Anyway Jonnno, I would love some feedback on other Bushcratfers views of thought, and am fishing around the forum for comments on like mineded people! Would appreciate your views, as others around have different requirements ref: Open Fire Cooking!


    Blog site is..
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