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    Wanted Fallkniven H1

    Just wondering if anyone has one that they no longer want to keep.
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    Sold PRICE DROP Irwin marples chisel set plus extras

    Excellent bit of kit - I have the exact same set. :)
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    For Sale Fallkniven NL5

    Mike - The Hess is included simply/only as an added "bonus" ... not as a separate quantifiable cost addition - as it can't be used for it's original intended purpose. HTH Joe.
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    For Sale Fallkniven NL5

    pm sent.
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    For Sale Fallkniven NL5

    Fallkniven NL5 Idun Excellent (like new) condition. Black leather sheath; no box. Fabulous knife. I would have to call this a "grail" knife for me - but I simply can't push myself to use it, so it's just accumulating dust. I'm also going to be adding what I will call a "fancy letter opener" to...
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    For Sale Bushcraft "User" Package (GM Timberwolf & Mora Forest)

    Both of these are what would be called "users". They have *not* been abused but have had time on sharpening stones after use. 1. Gary Mills Timberwolf This one started as a blade blank a couple of years ago. I have put green micarta handles on it with red liners and stainless steel corby...
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    Sold L.T. Wright Knives - Camp M.U.K.

    Still in the safe :)
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    Sold Becker BK18 (Black) NIB

    Selling a brand new Becker BK18 that I recently took delivery of - this is the black version and *not* the usual tan and brown-handled version. Literally, brand new, in the box. Took it out, handled it, then put it back. Superb knife ... just not what I thought I was looking for. £105 all in...
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    Wanted Becker BK7

    Looking for a BK7... if anyone has one that they may be thinking about moving along. Used is fine ... but in good condition. Thanks :)
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    Sold L.T. Wright Knives - Camp M.U.K.

    SPECS: Overall Length: 7.64" (194.06mm) Blade Length: 3.69" (93.73mm) Cutting Edge Length: 3.59" (91.19mm) Blade Thickness: .117" (2.97mm) Blade Steel: A2 Handle Thickness: .96" (24.38mm) Weight: 5.5oz (155.93g) Blade height: 1.25"
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    Sold L.T. Wright Knives - Camp M.U.K.

    Oops ... yes. Forgot to add that. Thanks for the prompt. Listing now updated.
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    Sold L.T. Wright Knives - Camp M.U.K.

    Never got round to even thinking about using this one... Basically been a safe queen since I got it. :rolleyes: Full flat grind. (A2 steel) LTW sharp (as hell) spine. Unpolished brown micarta handles. As-new condition. Nice small brown leather sheath. Unused. ...but, no box; no idea where it...
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    Withdrawn Casström Lars Fält Knife

    Interested to see if there is anyone with one of these that is collecting dust. :) Joe
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    Sold Heritage Longbow

    summer time bump
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    Sold Steel Will Druid 255

    Blade length from tip of blade to start of handle (straight line) is 4 3/8 inch. Yes, posted incl. I'll message you just now.