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    Withdrawn Casström Lars Fält Knife

    Interested to see if there is anyone with one of these that is collecting dust. :) Joe
  2. J

    Sold Heritage Longbow

    summer time bump
  3. J

    Sold Steel Will Druid 255

    Blade length from tip of blade to start of handle (straight line) is 4 3/8 inch. Yes, posted incl. I'll message you just now.
  4. J

    Sold Bark River Gunny

    FWIW - a great knife. (I've seen it). Razor sharp :)
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    Sold Steel Will Druid 255

    LIghtly used Steel Will Druid 255 up for sale. Has a couple of minor scratches on the blade. (I believe I still have the box.) Only reason for letting this one go is that I have a smaller (bladed) version. Handle size is the same - Very comfortable. Under-rated knife in my personal view.. but...
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    Now sold

    Fantastic saw - use mine all the time for pruning trees. Good luck with the sale.
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    Wanted svord kiwi general outdoors knife

    shot in the dark here, but thought I might try one if someone has one that no longer needs to keep. user is fine btw. joe
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    wanted 2 men tent

    Hi. I have a 2 man tent. It is in very good condition. Had it for a while now though not used at all in recent years. Not really like a coleman cobra 2 though. More igloo style. Been used on a number of camping trips (one in Scotland where it lashed down overnight - no leaks). I have checked it...
  9. J

    Condor Eco Parang

    Sorted. Thanks. Joe,
  10. J

    For Sale REDUCED 4 fixed blades - Casstrom, Enzo, Mora, Kellam

    Tough sell on these. Both the kellam and mora are a steal. I have both. wish I'd waited a little for the "black" here. Someone will get a great deal. :) Joe.
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    For Sale Nokian & Sorel boots, Bergans anorak

    Hi Bootsy - what chest size are you if you do a tape measurement around your chest under your armpits? (if you don't mind me asking) I assume that thats you in P1100419.jpg .... as I'm just trying to gauge the "fit" if you know what I mean. The arm length is good BTW - as I checked one of my...
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    For Sale Sorel caribou snow boots

    Brand new sorel caribou snow boots. Never used outside. UK Size 6.5. Camel colour. (No box). Bought them for the missus ... but never went anywhere beyond the living room - so essentially brand new and unworn. £60 if you pick them up, or £60 + package and postage (for mailing them). Thanks...
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    Wanted BRKT Canadian Special (A2)

    hi andros. i was hoping for a used one tbh but send me the details in any event. is the micarta the glossy finish or the matt finish? thanks
  14. J

    For Sale Nokian & Sorel boots, Bergans anorak

    hi. hows the arm length on this? running a tape measure from inner armpit seem to end of sleeve. thanks
  15. J

    Wanted BRKT Canadian Special (A2)

    Looking for one of these if someone has one that they are looking to offload. Does not have to be brand new. Used is fine (though not abused please). Preferably in micarta, but not a deal breaker. Thanks for looking. ATB Joe.