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    Fixing Dislocations

    Ermm, how would you do that then to yourself - don't you need both hands to put it back? It needs quite a bit of strength. Two female nurses didn't have the combined strength to put my little finger back when I dislocated it. They had to call in a male nurse with big hairy arms! Jim
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    Panel wipe

    Check the tin to make sure it says 'petroleum naptha'. Jim
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    When interests collide...(picc heavy)

    It's usually sawfly larvae that go for redcurrants and gooseberries. Jim
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    When interests collide...(picc heavy)

    No it's 'frass' or poo. The eggs are much smaller and IIRC a light yellow. Jim
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    Mushroom ID please..........

    IMO wild mushrooms are not worth bothering with for eating. They have little nutritional value and the penalty for making a mistaken identification can be very severe. They're also often seething with maggots! Last year a S.E. Asian woman on the I.O.W. died as a result of eating death cap...
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    Traditional fishing in Transylvania

    They called it 'guddling' where my Father's side of the family came from in Scotland. BTW, I wouldn't like to rely on Tas's skills in fish catching to keep me alive in the wilderness! ;^) Jim
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    Concerns about safety of Deet?

    Stops the embarassment of having you clothes eaten, then! Jim
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    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Ermm, pointed out a truth? Jim
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    Bigger firesteel?

    I like the "6/16" and "4/16" sizes! Jim
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    Disability and behavior of members

    24 me. Do I still need to keep taking the tablets? ;^) Jim
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    My first bushcrafting....

    Yes, but it needs to go in the ground such that it's at right angles to the line it's securing. Jim
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    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Before my daughter started a family, she was a 4th dan Aikido black belt in the women's national squad. She used to try pressure points on me and say "Can you feel that, Dad?" I used to tough it out and reply "No, have you started then?". I never let on, and several times had painful arms for...
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    What's on your porridge?

    I put my porridge in sandwiches! Jim
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    Blast furnace.

    Ah yes. I remember near Grassington in Yorkshire there were long tunnels built up the hillside as chimneys for lead smelting. Jim
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    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Yes, because of the ineffectiveness of the police, criminals are by default 'allowed' (in the sense of not being prevented) to arm themselves, but the public not! Jim