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    Willow bark container with

    These look great, lovely work and has inspired me to go give it a try. Cheers JFW
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    Stainless steel blow pokers

    I've used telescopic back scratcher or forks from B and M/ Homebargins. Just remove the fork part and the rubber handle and they are good to go. Rubber handle gives you a wee cover to keep the mouth end clean.
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    At least they are up front with their postage charges and possible customs hit. Does make it slightly less appealing to buy from them in my opinion. Cheers
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    Cloak/ shelter thing

    The polish poncho is a great bit of kit. There are 3 sizes, size 3 is hard to get, size 2 comes up fairly regularly and size 1 are the least popular as they the smallest. I have a 2 and a 1, both are ideal as ponchos or shelters, but I'm 5' 10" and as a poncho the size 1 is best. I find the 2 a...
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    For Sale Dutch Army 'Sting' Rucksack and side Pouches

    Great bags these, I have 2. Just for your info the bar tacks appear to be covering slots where the webbing straps for the side pouches should go through the zip flaps. Don't think it makes any difference to the functionality of the bag. Looks like professional work though.
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    Good online reads :)

    Great post Mary, I occasionally delve into They have some interesting articles on a variety of historical periods that I generally do a bit research on for further information. Cheers JFW
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    Sold Polish Army Lavvu like new

    Ptr10001, Ponchos arrived this morning, wow they look new. Been a pleasure to do business with you. Great comms and fast delivery. Thanks again. Cjeers Jfw
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    Sold victorinox ''SWISS CHAMP'' knife with Pouch & Extra's

    Package arrived this morning. Pleasure doing business with you. Thanks Jfw
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    Sold victorinox ''SWISS CHAMP'' knife with Pouch & Extra's

    I'll take it, if its still available. Have sent a pm. Cheers Jfw
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    Little Knife cut

    Ouch, at least the blade was OK. Your skin will grow back. :)
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    A ride on sharpener.

    That looks great fun, I think we need a night time video of it in action as well as some slow motion. I would love to see the shower of sparks it makes. :-)
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    Withdrawn Optics: Ross Binocs, Russian spotting scope

    I'll take the spotting scope if its still available. Pm sent
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    Sold FTP bush knife

    Rob, it's a beauty. Even nicer in the flesh, so to speak. Just picked it up from the post office. Thanks very much for such speedy delivery and such a quality knife. Cheers Jfw
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    Sold FTP bush knife

    I'll take it. Cheers Jfw
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    The Norse Saga Cloak

    Been off wandering for a while and come back to see this. It's amazing what a talented pair you are. Loved the wee history lesson as well. What a great thread. Cheers JFW